Hyper-realistic version of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura is created by Artificial Intelligence program

It doesn’t matter that it’s been several years since Naruto came to an end, Masashi Kishimoto’s characters remain some of the most beloved in the industry, and proof of this is the enormous number of tributes that we still see circulating on the internet, whether by way of cosplay, fanart, as in this case, with hyper-realistic versions of the series’ protagonists created by an Artificial Intelligence program.

Ainome is a digital illustrator who has made a name for himself in certain social media groups, thanks to his extensive works, including some related to the world of anime. On this occasion, he has been in charge of making a hyper-realistic render with the help of the AI ​​program called Artbreeder.

The result is simply and simply magnificent, and allows us to perfectly imagine what the members of Team 7 would look like in our reality, because all their animated features have been replaced, humanizing them to the point of looking like flesh and blood people and leaving them ready for a version live action of the series.

In the real world | Image: Amione / Reddit

As we can see, the artist has decided to use the younger version of Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke, so their appearance is that of those young people who began their adventure. shinobi upon graduating from the Ninja Academy, right in the first episodes of the manga and anime created by Kishimoto.

The most characteristic features of the characters have been represented in a great way, such as the eyes and the hair color and style.

What did you think of this hyper-realistic version of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura created by an Artificial Intelligence?


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