Hypex assures that Naruto would arrive at Fortnite this November 16

Through the years, Fortnite It has partnered with some really important brands to bring iconic characters to the Island. From superheroes and supervillains from the world of Marvel and DC comics, to video game characters like the Master Chief or Kratos, the game has seen almost everything. However, their next collaboration will involve some pretty famous characters from the anime world.

Like the comics, anime has a gigantic fandom. Therefore, it is no secret that fans are very excited that Epic Games collaborate and introduce characters from Naruto. To make things even hotter, a prominent leaker has revealed Naruto’s possible arrival date to Fortnite.

The popular leaker, HYPEX, recently revealed in a tweet the release date of the long-awaited collaboration. According to the insider, The collaboration will arrive in Fortnite this Tuesday, November 16, 2021. In addition, he stated that the skins and objects are planned to be released during the morning in America. This means that players won’t even have to wait more than a week to see the characters from the iconic manga / anime.

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In addition, he has also mentioned that the collaboration will come with the creative center of the Hidden Village of the Leaf. Many of the arguments of the universe of Naruto are set in this place, and fans are quite happy to finally receive many of the characters and objects from that world in Fortnite.

The news about said crossover first appeared in court documents during Epic Games’ trial against Apple. Following that revelation, fans have waited to see when this world will finally arrive on the Island. Over the past few months, players have received information through leaks about some of the cosmetics that the collaboration will bring.

So far, nothing has been leaked about the appearances of the characters that will be part of the collaboration. However, since it is scheduled to take place in a week, there will be more information shortly. With the arrival of characters like Jiraiya, Sasuke, and Kakashi Hatake, it looks like the collaboration could be one of the biggest collaborations for the popular Battle Royale title this year.