“I will be a ninja like Naruto when I grow up”, a dream within reach of these children in Ardèche

The town of Jaujac in Ardèche is a small nest of ninjas. Elvis Goiffon teaches this martial art to the children of the village. Beyond a sports practice, it is a whole philosophy of life that he transmits.

Avoiding obstacles, mastering their bodies under the benevolent eye of the founding masters, the children of Jaujac train to become ninjas.

At the origin of this workshop, Elvis Goiffon. A 53-year-old former policeman, he transmits this martial art unknown to the general public.
Young, Elvis was a very turbulent child, in school failure. His mother, to channel his excess energy, enrolled him in judo at the age of 5 in Villefranche-sur-Saône with Master Verdino. At 10, he discovered aikido with Yannick Barrot who transmitted to him the spirit of the martial art.

Today, he in turn transmits all his knowledge to the children.

“For me, a child cannot be a learning failure. Only adults can be a pedagogical failure. I don’t have bad students, it’s me who doesn’t know how to make them understand. By dint of working , we put them in a situation of success”.

Elvis Goiffon

ninjutsu master

Naruto, a modern model

Contrary to the clichés conveyed by the cinema, the ninja does not have magical powers, he is in fact very discreet and lives recluse in the mountains. His art is the result of his work and a lot of training. “The famous disappearing power that we see on television is because the Samurai wore a mask to fight. This mask blocked their view on the sides – a bit like horses and their blinkers – and they only saw in front of them, so it’s easy for the ninjas to get out of their field of vision and disappear“explains Elvis.

In his teaching, children learn to master their body and mind. The exercises are intended to learn dodging, obstacle passage, balance and to become familiar with fear in order to overcome it. “The objective is to develop psychomotricity for the mastery of the body in space and time so that at the age of 11, 12, they can learn techniques to learn to defend themselves.“adds Elvis.

Our young Ardèche residents therefore do not live in hiding. They are not spies either: their wish is rather to look like their superheroes like Naruto, famous ninja from Japanese manga. “I’ve always loved martial arts. Ever since I saw Naruto, all I thought about was becoming like him.“confirms Elliott. “A ninja cis someone who hides in the shadows and attacks his enemies, the Samuraiadds 7-year-old Angel, who dreams of katanas and Ninja Stars.

Ninjutsu is very codified with greetings, rituals and is very demanding. No question of running around, shouting or fighting. It provides a framework for children.

Parents are also impressed. They appreciate its values, discretion, humility, self-discipline, surpassing oneself and above all respect for others. Many of them notice very quickly that their child is gaining autonomy and self-confidence. “My daughter was more disciplined than usual, I was very surprised“says Maxime’s mother at the end of the course.