If Madara is your favorite Naruto character, you will need this image as your mobile wallpaper

A wallpaper full of chakra.

How good are these years to be a fan of the Naruto universe. A manga and anime of great popularity that has managed to be one of the great triggers of the growth of otaku culture around the world since the beginning of the century. All this is not by chance, since for this to have happened, many things had to happen: a good story, interesting characters and of a certain depth, an exciting universe and even a great evolution of all this with the passage of episodes or volumes. . As a result of this arise Spectacular characters, like Madara Uchiha.

And it is that the popularity of Madara is not for less. Without going into spoilers, we can say that Madara has a lot of weight in the way we conceive of everything related to the world of Naruto. The reason for this is that it is a character so appreciated by many Naruto fans. In fact, as we can see in this post by Reddit user MrXpro_208, we find a spectacular wallpaper in which Madara gets all the attention next to the sharingan symbol, one of the best known techniques of his clan.

Of course, it is quite clear that The story and characters of Naruto have deeply penetrated the imagination of their community. As a result, we can find all kinds of contributions from fans and artists that reflect the devotion that the followers profess to this saga: we have been able to see drawings and illustrations of all kinds and characters, we have witnessed spectacular tattoos that ink professionals are capable of doing, and we have been able to appreciate the most original contributions related to the Naruto universe. There is no doubt that a healthy and constructive community can bring great things to any type of franchise.

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