If you had to remove 6 Naruto characters, what would they be? The difficult decision that has gone viral

Naruto is the Shonen of fighting ninjas best known throughout the history of anime. Mainly, the series, written by Masashi Kishimoto, is about a generation of ninjas in a village called Hidden Village of the Leaf, which as the plot develops, new villages and characters are incorporated. Total, the number of members of the series amounts to more than 150 characters in the entire saga. Oscillating between all kinds of physical characteristics and ninja abilities.

Well, many of them are its protagonists but others … Antagonists are just as important than the former, since endow the narrative with intrigue and action. In addition, they manage to develop the background of many characters and even themselves. But there are others that are not so interesting for the public. Some have a very short and unnecessary plot, others are irrelevant in the saga and others the users of Reddit they would remove them because they are so wicked that fall heavy.

These are the characters that they would eliminate from the series most mentioned by fans:


Belonging to Clan Aburame, Shino is quite a strange and reserved boy. Thanks to the fact that his clan made a pact with the insects, he can control them and submit them to his orders, in addition to feeding on his chakra. He is one of the most voted characters on Reddit by users if they had to delete it. His influence on the series is minimal, since thanks to his personality, he does not let himself be known much. Although many times it is useful in a mission. Makes its first appearance in Naruto Shippuuden in chapter 282 of the manga and in chapter 33 of the anime, where he gets angry because Naruto did not recognize him after so long without seeing him and because of his new image, an even bigger hood.


This character has surprised to be the most voted for his elimination. Well, thanks to the fact that he is accompanied by his dog, Akamaru, he won the hearts of many viewers, although it seems not to be enough. This character belongs to the Inuzuka Clan, specialized in beast attacks, so they use dogs to absorb their chakra and fight as fiercely as possible, in addition to transmuting with it thanks to the technique Gatsuuga. Kiba Inuzuma is quite an outgoing ninja, as our protagonist NarutoHis strange clothing, a gray coat with black fur on the sleeves and neck, give him a unique appearance. Finally, this character, despite his charisma, is one of those who goes to the pike because it appears in more filler episodes in the series than in the main ones.

Kiba Inuzuka


The first girl on this list, TenTen. This name refers to the name of the pandas, although it can also mean 10-10 (Ten ten in English) given its aim. This ninja is one of the secondary characters in the series, she is also one of the members of the team of Rock Lee. A simple girl, with two bows on her head -similar to the ears of pandas- and a Chinese suit. Its presence sometimes goes completely unnoticed, as it is only used as a reinforcement for other characters.

Tenten, Naruto


According to WikiFandom, “Is one of the main supporting characters of the series.” This kind and courteous character it looks very peculiarHe is quite large -chubby- and has red spirals on his cheeks. Because of his appearance, the other colleagues dismiss him. Thanks to his clan, the Akimichi, Choji can absorb the energies of pills that enhance his power. One of its main characteristics is that it always has a voracious hunger, and this makes the main characters very uncomfortable. Is this why fans would remove him from the series if they could?



Choji’s childhood friend, Ino Yamanaka he is a more energetic character. She is aggressive and self-centered, she is also a born leader. Her main role in the series is to be Sakura’s rival, although at first they were friends. Their rivalry stems from the love they both feel for Sasuke, as each wants to win his heart. This enmity can be very similar to the one that exists between Naruto and Sasuke, making use of incredible fights many times between the two. Until they finally get to be as friends as before. Possibly the latter is that iota of difference that fans consider to vote in favor of its elimination.

ino yamanaka


And last but not least, Sai Yamanaka. Ino’s future husband belongs to the ANBU division, the root. In Naruto Shippuuden, his leader orders him to be part of Naruto’s group to replace Sasuke. It stands out because its attack ability consists of drawing creatures on a scroll and attacking with them already in life. Although he ends up becoming a main character in the series and appears in almost every movie, fans consider that Sai is not worthy of being in the seriesThat is why they have sent him to the pit.

Sai Yamanaka