Imagine Naruto and Rock Lee if they were Dragon Ball characters

You won’t believe what Naruto and Rock Lee look like if they were Dragon Ball characters

A week ago, a user of Reddit, called u/7SoldTheWorld, he shared a very creative post where he presents us with a couple of images about what they would look like Naruto Y Rock Lee if they were characters of Dragon Ball. “Super Naruto vs Bro-Lee (DBZ x Naruto series by me)”, says the title of the publication, letting us know that the drawings are his own creation. This type of image reopens an old debate about which is stronger, if the mighty Goku of Dragon Ball or Naruto (although if he had the power of the saiyan race and the spirit of Kurama within, surely there would be no doubt).

In the illustrations that this user shares with us, super naruto could be compared to GokuSince there has always been the question of who would win if they faced each other in a duel. But it is a difficult answer to answer given the evolution it has had Goku and, on the other hand, that Naruto is the strongest ninja. So despite the Kyubi Power and the Sage of the Six Paths that Naruto developed, the Goku that we know is practically a god. In the image made by this artist, we can see some of the details of Kurama around his flashes of ki that denote the great nature of this indomitable bijuu, a spirit that has accompanied our ninja since he was young.

In this way, imagine all the potential you developed Naruto, roughly equivalent to Goku, as an expert in martial arts, discipline, his taijutsus, the Hermit Mode (Sennin) and other powers, would be attacks that, without a doubt, he would use to defeat any of his enemies, including Cell. But, not only is he one of the strongest ninjas. It seems that like Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z, Rock Lee has become one of the most memorable warriors in his franchise.

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Particularly Rock Lee, rank ninja Jonin, demonstrated great courage and perseverance during his time as a student at the Ninja Academy. Despite having no talent for him ninjutsu Y genjutsu, pledged to him taijutsu, becoming an expert. His lightness and the tasks he sets himself to meet their expectations, give us an account of the level at which he has increased his strength at the cost of inhibiting his speed. So, thanks to his determination, he ended up developing his speed and skills far superior to any more experienced ninja. Managed to become leeks using only taijutsu, so we agree that he would be a worthy combatant as Gohan The Small.

Gohan, for his part, a product of his Saiyan descent, he usually defends those he loves, attacking villains and his defense technique make him, many times, the most powerful of the Z Warriors. Y Small, on the other hand, originally a villain, was the mentor of GohanHe learns quickly from his mistakes and tries to use all the resources at his disposal, even without having all the transformations available to the Saiyans, he is a wise opponent when he recognizes the mistakes or weaknesses of his enemies.

rock lee naruto dragon ball

Just like each of these two characters, Gohan Y Small, Rock Lee he has a discipline and intelligence that he has used to develop the techniques he has at hand. Their bravery has earned them the respect of their allies and enemies, which is why we believe they could go head-to-head in epic combat. Surely with the power of the Saiyan or Namekian race, this powerful ninja would become a great enemy to fear. Without a doubt, this possible version of these well-known heroes would be one that the Dragon Ball Universe 7 could fear.

General approval towards the fanart of u/7SoldTheWorld is that it has led us to speculate what would be the most interesting fusion or combat between these characters. Curiously, Naruto Y Rock Lee they would use quite complex techniques if we added the powers of the world of Dragon Ball. Probably Rock Lee’s forbidden techniques would reach a new power limit or our next hokage’s rasengan would have a new level never seen before.

Who do you think would win in a fight to the death, super naruto The Rock-Lee?

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