Impossible not to cry: Naruto celebrates his 20 years with a remake of the best moments of the series

The Naruto anime has just turned 20 years old, 20!, and its creators, the artists at Pierrot Studio, wanted to celebrate the occasion with a heartfelt tribute called Road of Naruto (Naruto’s way). It is a ten-minute video in which they review some of the the best moments of the original work and Naruto Shippuden. A shot of nostalgia in vein before which it is difficult not to fall asleep.

The clashes between Naruto and Sasuke, Team 7’s first missions and their encounter with Zabuza and Haku, the chuunin examsbattles versus Akatsukithe death of unforgettable characters, the plots of Pain and Itachi, the reunion with Minato and Kushina, the Ninja War… and so on. One of those videos that you will start out of curiosity, but of which you can’t take your eyes off until it finish.

In addition, Pierrot has taken advantage to reanimate many of these moments with current technology, which is appreciated in terms of resolution and lighting, but also in dozens of unprecedented details and movements. When a naruto remake?

Kishimoto’s Message

The author of the manga, Masashi Kishimoto, did not want to miss the appointment either and has left a notice to walkers: “The Naruto anime has reached its 20th anniversary, and in commemoration, this year will be an anniversary celebration, so many projects are coming!”. Perhaps the idea of ​​making a remake of Narutoor that updating your animation is not as crazy as we thought.

Even youtubers like Mr. Beast, with more than 100 million followers and known for being practically a millionaire, has asked how much he would have to pay for all the episodes of the series to be seen as the tribute video and to be used to trim the padding. Will there be a surprise soon?

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