Ino and Sakura made passes and posed together in this cosplay

Let’s take a look at a double cosplay of Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka from Naruto, where both rivals are very calm

At the end of the day, it was Sakura Haruno who ended up with Sasuke Uchiha in the series of Naruto. But before that happened she had to deal with Yamanaka Inowho was also interested in this young man ninja.

Ino and Sakura made passes and posed together in this cosplay

The rivalry between the two was more noticeable in the first series. To such an extent that they clashed in exams chunin in a battle that is still remembered. The two were very evenly matched and ended up knocking each other out.

Sakura and Ino had a strong rivalry for Sasuke

So both were knocked out and ended up tied. Despite the above they were able to reconcile, but their rivalry for Sasuke continued throughout the series.

However, over time it was losing strength, since both ino What sakura They went their separate ways. Although the second remained relevant in the manga, not much happened with the first.

Of course, it was used more than once in the anime in the filling of Studio Pierrot.

While sakura ended up marrying Sasukein the case of ino he stayed with Saian expert in the use of ink-based techniques.

They both got married after Fourth Shinobi World War And now they have a son. Ino-jin. This boy is the spitting image of his mother, as she inherited her hair and eyes.

Although he is a bit insensitive to others like his father. This is how things go in the series of Boruto.

Ino and Sakura made passes and posed together in this cosplay

This cosplay based on Naruto has good details

Taking into account that sakura and ino smoothed out their ‘roughness’ over time, it is worth seeing a cosplay set of them. It is a contribution of cosplayers @hg.cosplay Y @mia_green_tea.

As can be seen, they managed to recreate the appearance of both kunoichi or women ninja created by Masashi Kishimoto. At least when it comes to hairstyles and hair coloring they are similar to their anime counterparts. Same with their suits.

Perhaps the only thing that looks strange about this cosplay it’s the stage. It doesn’t have much of an oriental inspiration, although it could pass for tropical. So the setting is not very consistent with the aesthetics of Naruto.

On average it is an interesting interpretation of both characters, which are still present in the work of Kishimoto. Only that the weight of each of them in history has varied significantly over time.