Is Naruto coming back in 2023? Is all of Boruto stuffed and part of a Madara genjutsu? – FreeGameTips

This 2022 have been fulfilled 20 years of the premiere of the Naruto anime and its creators have not stopped celebrating it in recent months. for sample the two new spin offs of the manga: Sasuke’s Story, focused on the relationship between sakura and sasuke, and Konoha’s Story, about the new disciple that Kakashi and Gai train since retirement. Even so, the icing on the cake, the main course, the great announcement with which it is intended to commemorate the date will not arrive until next December 17 and the networks burn with all kinds of leaks and rumors. The most popular has to do with the end of boruto and with the existence of a remake of Naruto that changes the ending of the series and return everything that happened with your son a madara genjutsu. Yes, we know how it sounds, but watch out for the following trailer:

Finish Boruto in 2023 and pick up Naruto from the fight with Madara

What if Naruto had never come out of Madara’s cocoon? What if everything related to the reconciliation with Sasuke, his appointment as Hokage and the family he formed with Hinata were nothing more than a dream? End Boruto in 2023 and start Naruto again from the fight with Madara. That is what the video on these lines proposes, which many have confused with an official trailer and taken for granted that it is the big announcement that is being prepared. What is true?

The truth is that nothing. Smoke. Leaks. rumors. conspiracy theories. The video is nothing more than the creation of a fan and until December 17 we will not know what the real announcement of the series is. You have to admit that no one is fully satisfied with Boruto. After Naruto Shippuden ended, Masashi Kishimoto left the characters in the hands of his assistants and disassociated himself from the sequel, at least until, eleven volumes later and with fans concerned about certain plot machinationsthe author decided to take the reins again.

Things have improved since then, but no, it wouldn’t be crazy for Kishimoto to want to make a clean slatefix Boruto’s mistakes by turning everything into filler and resume Naruto from the fight with Madara, developing in another way what happened in it and what happened after it. Narrate the adventures that she still had to face the kyubi before becoming Hokage. Resines’ dream in anime version.

A remake of Naruto without padding and with new animation?

In any case, it pays to keep your feet on the ground. The most plausible thing is that we are before a remake of Naruto with a more modern animation style and according to the current times, as has happened in so many other productions. An OFFICIAL video of how it could look like was released in summer and the result was spectacular. Until Youtubers like Mr. Beast offered to pay to make it possible. It would not be strange if that was the big announcement that they are preparing from Pierrot: remaster all Naruto without filler from 2023, perhaps changing some other thing in history. But from there to eliminating Boruto in a pluzamo there is a stretch, although… And yes yes?

We will wait impatiently for December 17, the day on which you must obviously cancel all your plans from now on and clear the agenda. Kage bunshin no jutsu!