Is the “Naruto Run” faster than the simple sprint? Science has decided

What is the “Naruto Run”?

It seems essential to clarify one point before sharing this test, which is highly scientific in nature. Indeed, if you have never grown up in your passion for Japanese manga and anime, you are unlikely to know what “Naruto Run” is. This unusual way of running is from the manga titled Naruto, written and drawn by Masashi Kishimoto, one of the most famous authors of the genre.

The set of Naruto ninjas, including the eponymous character, run with their arms dangling, almost floating backwards, as you can see in the tweet below. A way of running that has been exported far from manga and has found a nice little place in the playgrounds, or more recently as a meme on the networks.

Time saving or urban myth?

On his channel Because Science, the YouTuber Kyle Hill is responsible for answering a question asked by millions of Internet users: Do we run faster thanks to the Naruto Run? Indeed, if the characters of the manga travel the world at full speed, no top athlete has ever tried to reproduce this technique to take the lead in a race.

To end the debate, Kyle Hill called on American Jeneba Tarmoh, Olympic champion in the 4X100m at the London Olympics in 2012. After having tested both ways of running a short distance, the results are clear: The “Naruto Run” is just a myth, which will not help any athlete to familiarize with the summits. Indeed, stretching your arms back can make you lose up to 3% of speed. So no, running like Naruto doesn’t go faster than bullets. Sorry to those who have invaded area 51 thinking otherwise.