It’s a pleasure to be in La Laguna, really!: Isabel Martiñón voice of Naruto on his visit to El Siglo

The renowned dubbing actress Isabel Martiñón, who lends his voice to iconic animated characters like ‘Naruto‘ Y ‘Gumball‘, visited the facilities of The Century of Torreon, to talk a little about his professional career through the section of geek world.

With more than 30 years of experience in the world of dubbing, Martiñón was motivated to enter acting thanks to the telenovela ‘Italian girl comes to get married‘ with the dream of becoming an actress, which after years of study led her to dubbing, finding in it a fascinating world by being able to ‘bring to life’ with your voice various animated characters.

Dee Dee‘ from Dexter’s lab, He was one of his main and most memorable animated characters to whom he lent his voice in almost all the episodes of the series.

After going through other characters like ‘Mimi‘ Y ‘Patamon‘ from Digimon, ‘Otto Rocket‘ from Rocket Power, ‘Carl Wheezer‘ from Jimmy Neutron, among others, and slowly win the affection of the public with his voice and charisma, Martiñón reached the character that has probably been the most famous in his career, ‘Naruto Uzumaki’ from the anime Naruto.

According to what the actress told us, she had to carry out various voice tests for the character until she managed to stay with it after she managed to hit the curl that characterizes it.

‘I’m the biggest dog here’

Under the direction of Edward Garza (voice of ‘Elmo’ and ‘Josh Peck’), Naruto landed in Latin America with his own Latin dubbing, starring Isabel Martiñón which also gave birth to one of the most popular phrases of the series: ‘I’m the biggest dog here‘, which pronounces ‘Naruto’ during his confrontation against ‘Kiba’ in a chapter.

As Martiñón told us in the interview, the phrase was Garza’s idea when adapting the translation of the original language of the series (Japanese) to one that would be recognizable and striking in Latin America, just like what happened with the filler that ‘Naruto’ constantly uses: ‘Really!‘, adapted from ‘datebayo‘ what the character says.

This weekend the dubbing actress is visiting La Laguna for the convention Super-con which will be held in Francisco I. Madero, Torreón (Saturday) and Gómez Palacio (Sunday).