It’s Naruto’s 20th anniversary and people are talking about a remake; it is real?

Just 20 years ago the anime of “Naruto“, one of the most iconic stories and that has come to mark more fans of the anime industry over the last two decades. It was also the “Shippuden” version, completed 5 years ago, which ended up making this a story that, although with an excessive degree of padding, inspired many people in the same way. It seems that there are quite a few who have begun to ask for a remake of the work.

A remake of Naruto has divided the public in RRSS

Where does this sudden need come from? Well, not so much about the fact of the 20th anniversary itself, but about the following two commemorative images of “Naruto” that have been shared in RRSS (via ShonenLeaks):

It seems to me that this is a topic special enough to have to go carefully with it (although as always there are those who invent what they want), so I tell you the following:

  • In case anyone is wondering if a Naruto remake has been announced, I’m telling you. NO THERE IS NO NARUTO REMAKE IN PROGRESS. ❌
  • Why is there so much talk about it then? Obviously because of nostalgia, and because commemorative images have a great visual quality that has misled more than one. ✔️
  • Is it possible to believe that a Naruto remake is going to be announced imminently? I personally don’t see itfor the following reasons:
    • Once again, the story of Naruto in anime as such ended only 5 years ago. Too little time has passed for a work as iconic as this to be seen already crushed by another version. ❗
    • Boruto’s story is currently told. It is true that it may have received a lot of criticism, but the reality is that it has enormous popularity, not to say that the manga is still active. That is, Boruto should be the center of the franchise for many years to come. ❗
    • Is it possible to imagine a remake of Naruto once Boruto is over? That is a scenario that would see something more viable, with more suitable conditions for the project. ✔️

Logically, due to the simple fact that time will continue to pass, “Naruto” will continue to celebrate anniversaries in the coming years. Yes, it is true that the mark of 20 is special and in fact I would not be surprised if there were some big hit in the pipeline, but I have not seen rumors that seem reliable to me, nor does it really seem like the best time for a remake. In any case, time will tell again, and who knows, maybe I’m wrong for the good of those who so much want the return of “Naruto” and company.

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