Japanese website shows the most hated characters in Naruto, author in the top 3 – Geek Alert

The ranking website Suki Kira It has become a trend today Thursday in different global portals due to a curiosity with the famous work Naruto. The portal has classified the same author of the work, Masashi Kishimotoas one of the most hated characters.

The website has a Popularity and Unpopular Ranking, allowing each voter to “like” or “dislike” the personality or fictional character they want. The results allow the classification of each entity in related tags, comparing them with others to make the Ranking.

According to recent results, kishimoto is in the third place of the Ranking of Unpopularity of his own work, currently having a proportion of 42.7% (I like it) vs 57.3% (I don’t like it).

The author of the work is only below Sakura and Kabuto, who occupy the first and second place respectively. On the other hand, the most popular characters are hinata (1st), Gaara (2nd), shikamaru (3rd) and Naruto (4th).

Although the results might surprise some western fans, in Japan they have several reasons to hate him. Among the most prominent are: killing several favorite Japanese characters, such as Obito and Itashi; make Naruto a boring character in the second half of shippuden; allow for a long time misdirection of boruto; and being considered bad writing female characters.

It should be noted that Suki-Kira receives more than 7 million monthly visits and allows voting once a day, so the ranking positions could change later. Curiously, Reiji Miyajima does not appear in the Ranking of unpopularity of Rent-A-Girlfriend (Kanojo, Okarishimasu), despite being heavily attacked in august this year.