Jicho_i falls in love with a cosplay of Hinata Hyuga from Naruto: Shippūden in boudoir

Naruto: Shippuden is one of the series anime Y sleeve most beloved in the Industry, and that is, for years he introduced us to our favorite characters as they grew and became even stronger, which also happened with some of the Konoha Kunoichis, to the point that today we will focus on a cosplay that is focused on hinata hyugabut quite risqué.

Something that we find quite striking is that, the cosplayer community always finds ways to surprise us, with some characterizations that take the original version of the beloved characters further, and a beautiful model decided to take Hinata Hyuga as the inspiration for her new cosplay, which is focused on a boudoir photo shoot.

Jicho_iin his official account of instagramhas decided to create his own version of Hinata Hyuga with an outfit that is not that of a shinobi, but a more revealing one, which shows what the kunoichi would look like in lingerie with surprising results that will leave even the strongest speechless, with a boudoir version which really pleases the eye.

Hinata Hyuga has come to life alternating her classic outfit with a version not suitable for the faint of heart. The characterization of the kunoichi has some emblematic elements of the character, although she takes the opportunity to fill the scene with great sensuality and charm. In this way we can find the dark hair of the waifu, as well as the band of the Leaf Village which makes us think that Hinata has ended up proposing to Naruto Uzumaki at an awkward moment.

The Naruto: Shippūden anime is a more than successful theme when it comes to cosplaying, and it is that its characters remain in the minds of all fans and Jicho_i seems to know how to play his cards well, since in a short time he managed to get more than 31,000 “Likes” on her Instagram post, so we recommend you visit her account and see more of her creations that always find a way to grab our attention, with great attention to detail and a striking silhouette by the model.