JoJo’s: 10 Naruto Characters Stronger Than Okuyasu Nijimura

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a long-running shonen action series starring various Joestar heroes, from Jonathan to Jolyne, and these heroes never act alone. They always have JoBros by their side, and the hero of Diamond is Unbreakable, Josuke Higashikata, had Okuyasu Nijimura as his most powerful JoBro.

Okuyasu is not a great strategist, and he does not make the most of his Stand, called The Hand. Still, Okuyasu is a tough fighter whose Stand has a fearsome erasure ability with his right hand, hence his name. Okuyasu can also be compared to characters from other series, such as Naruto, and it is clear that Okuyasu still has a long way to go. Many characters from Naruto They surpass him as a shonen fighter.

10 Neji Hyuga can see everything around him

Neji Hyuga is a talented member of the Hyuga clan and the bearer of the famous Byakugan eye. Neji can see everything around him with those eyes, which means he has virtually no blind spots, and he can also see an opponent’s chakra points. He is already much more talented than Okuyasu.

However, Neji’s talents are not entirely defensive. He can perform the Soft Fist taijutsu technique to block an opponent’s chakra and perform a quick rotation to deflect enemy attacks and push his enemies away. His taijutsu is on another level.

9 Sasuke Uchiha is a one man armyjojos 10 personajes de naruto mas fuertes que okuyasu nijimura 1

Sasuke Uchiha was born talented, and he acquired many more remarkable skills and jutsu as the history of Naruto . He fully awakened his eyes from the Sharingan, and also got the Mangekyo Sharingan. This allows him to perform devastating and unique jutsu, like the Susano.

Sasuke has a penchant for genjutsu and ninjutsu, like his brother Itachi, but he is also adept at taijutsu and swords, all augmented by his sharingan eyes. Okuyasu couldn’t compare to that, and his tactical abilities don’t come close to Sasuke’s. From near or far, Sasuke is much stronger.

8 Lady Tsunade is the famous slug princessjojos 10 personajes de naruto mas fuertes que okuyasu nijimura 2

Lady Tsunade is one of the three Sannin, legendary ninjas who trained under the direction of the Third Hokage himself, Hiruzen Sarutobi. Each of them has a unique animal theme, Tsunade being the slugs. She can summon a huge slug named Katsuyu, along with smaller ones to back her up during battle.

In addition to those slugs, Tsunade can perform devastating taijutsu at the height of any melee-type Stand, and can also use medical ninjutsu to heal her wounds or those of an ally. You can’t erase things like La Mano, but at this rate, you don’t have to.

7 Kimimaro is a monster with his bonesjojos 10 personajes de naruto mas fuertes que okuyasu nijimura 3

Kimimaro briefly joined the Four Solid squad, and was more powerful than any of his new squadmates. Kimimaro had two perks, the first being his bone-based kekkei genkai, a unique ability that no one else in Naruto you can use. The other is his curse mark.

Even without his curse mark, Kimimaro can take on Okuyasu or any JoBro with his remarkable bone-based techniques. If he uses his curse mark, he turns into a true monster, with a tail. In fact, no one defeated him, instead he died of illness.

6 Gaara had a monster inside himjojos 10 personajes de naruto mas fuertes que okuyasu nijimura 4

Gaara of the Arena is a jinchuriki, a person with one of the beasts with a tail sealed inside. This made Gaara’s childhood miserable, but in return, he had access to vast sand-based power that could defend him from any threat. Until the Chunin Exam, he had never suffered even a scratch.

Gaara’s sand is just as powerful on offense as it is on defense, and his sand can quickly suffocate and crush anyone who gets too close. Even when his tailed beast was removed, Gaara was still a formidable fighter, and he had all kinds of techniques in his arsenal. That is quite a “Stand”.

5 Kakashi Hatake is the copycat ninjajojos 10 personajes de naruto mas fuertes que okuyasu nijimura 5

Kakashi Hatake is famous as the “copying ninja”, as he can use his single Sharingan eye to understand and copy any jutsu, other than kekkei genkai, in battle. Legends say that Kakashi has copied a thousand different jutsu, although he can also innovate his own jutsu, such as the deadly Lightning Blade.

Kakashi can surpass most of the fighters in JoJo with his winning combination of a sharp tactical mind, excellent taijutsu, devastating ninjutsu, and of course that Sharingan eye. He is capable of embarrassing any JoBro, and even some Joestar heroes.

4 Might Guy is the master of Taijutsujojos 10 personajes de naruto mas fuertes que okuyasu nijimura 6

Might Guy is the number one taijutsu expert in the Hidden Leaf Village, although he is also capable of practicing ninjutsu if the situation calls for it. The Might Guy can perform physical feats that most melee range Stands could only dream of, especially when he opens any of the eight Gates to push his abilities into overdrive.

The results are the stuff of legends. Might Guy can pulverize any powerful foe or even a small army with his taijutsu, and moves like the Daytime Tiger and Morning Peacock put an end to any combat in the blink of an eye. Okuyasu and Josuke wish they could.

3 Minato Namikaze can’t be touchedjojos 10 personajes de naruto mas fuertes que okuyasu nijimura 7

The easiest thing is to compare Guard Hand users to melee-type ninjas, like Might Guy and Tsunade, and then there’s the matter of the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. He was famous as the “yellow flash”, an incredibly fast blond shinobi who could overcome anything his opponents threw at him.

Minato was the one who developed the Rasengan technique, and he can use it to blow up any enemy. He could even teleport with his special kunai knife, and of course, he also had impeccable leadership skills and tactical acumen.

2 Rock Lee learned well from Might Guyjojos 10 personajes de naruto mas fuertes que okuyasu nijimura 8

Rock Lee is Might Guy’s favorite student, and Rock Lee was inspired by his mentor in more ways than one. Although he cannot easily open all eight doors, Rock Lee can open several of them, and that makes him a formidable opponent for almost anyone. Okuyasu would be left with his mouth open.

Rock Lee focuses exclusively on taijutsu, and it has paid off. He can even break through Gaara’s perfect sand defense, and he can perform the Hidden Lotus to smash his enemies into oblivion once he gets close. It is a living Stand.

1 Sasori has 298 seatsjojos 10 personajes de naruto mas fuertes que okuyasu nijimura 9

Some ninjas from the Hidden Sand Village use armed puppets in battle, which are effectively Stands, and that includes both Kankuro and Sasori from the red sand. Sasori has a huge collection of 298 puppets, making him a “Stand” user of the highest caliber. He has even turned himself into an emergency puppet.

Sasori can coordinate dozens of puppets in battle at once and overwhelm his enemies with his many weapons, such as explosive tags, blades, sharp cables, and even poison gas emitters. His best puppet is that of the Third Kazekage, with the dreaded iron sand jutsu.