‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ will not become ‘Naruto’: this is how the author plans to avoid one of the most repetitive clichés of the manga

Many sleeves shōnen of action they’re cut from the same cloth and have an endlessly repeated series of tropes that we love, but also make it unavoidable to compare them.

In the case of ‘Jujutsu Kaisen‘It’s hard not to remember’Naruto‘…Because let’s see, we have a protagonist with an evil and demonic being locked inside, he goes to a specialized school to improve his skills, the student groups are organized in threes, his teacher has white hair from tip and covers his eyes…

and you could go on

But still Gege Akutami He is very clear about one of the clichés that we have seen in numerous mangas and animes and that he does not want to include at all in ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’: to redeem his villains. Naruto was often able to make many of his antagonists reform, or at least change their minds and become allies, but it seems that Yuji Itadori He doesn’t have the same lips.

“Unlike in ‘Naruto,’ where the hero talks to this villain [Obito] and even manages to make peace with them, it doesn’t seem very possible to me that Sukuna would accept Yuji or the love of others. It’s impossible for him to atone for his sins,” Akutami explained in an interview.

“Mahito’s ideals are very similar to Sukuna’s, and I want to avoid that trope of being a good person deep down. Mahito is inherently evil, deep down all he cares about is making humans suffer,” he said. the mangaka.

So if we wait a redemption arc at some point for one of these characters, Akutami has some bad news. It is not the first time that the author of ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ talk about how do you build your villainssince in the past he has also explained that an antagonist whose motivations are very clear is more important to him than one with whom he can empathize.