Kakashi Hatake, complete sheet of the copier ninja of the Naruto series

Kakashi Hatake, you will know everything about the character. Where does he come from, his personality as well as the powers of this so mysterious character from the Naruto series.

Kakashi Hatake, or the Merciless, has other nicknames. With this presentation sheet, you will learn a little more about this cold and apathetic character.

Kakashi Hatake, general presentation

“Copier Ninja”, “the Merciless” or even “the Fratricide”, these are nicknames that have been attributed to Kakashi Hatake. The latter began his appearances in the series Naruto from the third chapter of the Manga series. He is diploma of the Academy of Ninjas in Konoha.

He was born on September 15th. Male, he is 26 to 27 years old in part I and between 29 and 31 years old in the second part (Naruto Shippûden). Kakashi Hatake’s height is 181cm and his weight is 67.5kg. Formerly captain of the Anbu, this exceptional ninja was the Team Leader 7 and assumed the role of General of the Third Division of the Shinobi Alliance.

The origins of the copier ninja

This ruthless ninja was born into a family of ninjas. He is the only son of Sakumo Hatake, a fierce ninja from Konoha, who was more powerful than the Three Sannins. After his mother’s death, when he was a genin, it was his father who raised Kakashi Hatake. Sakumo Hatake had the ambition to teach his son the values ​​of a true ninja.


When the latter decided to save his friends at the expense of his mission, Sakumo said goodbye to his reputation as a hero of Konoha. The bashing caused both physical and mental turmoil in Sakumo, leading him to commit suicide.

Kakashi Hatake learned an important lesson that day: to always follow the Ninja Codes to the letter and earn the respect of his companions. On top of that, he puts his feelings aside. This way of life allowed him to quickly climb the ranks in the Shinobi community. At just 5 years old, he graduated from the Academy of Ninjas and at 6, the boy was promoted to chûnin.

The powers and techniques of Kakashi Hatake

In the first place, Kakashi Hatake knows more than 1000 Jutsu. However, it also has a sharingan eye, this is also why he is nicknamed “copier ninja”. In addition, it has other techniques including:

  • Slayer Lightning (Raikiri),
  • The Thousand Birds (Chidori),
  • Fatal Decapitation Technique,
  • Crocs Trackers,
  • Water Dragon,
  • Genjutsu (Sharingan),
  • Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.