Kana presents his report on Naruto, August 25, 2022

It was during a press conference, which was held during Japan Expo in July, that Kana editions shared their report on their flagship license with us: naruto. Between symbolic figures and an explosion of projects, both recent and future, Masashi Kishimoto’s series has not finished shining with us.

Always radiant with us, the manga Naruto has sold more than 27 million copies in our region. Although finished, the manga continues to federate, also the first volume was number 1 in manga sales of 2021 with 275,000 copies sold. In the top 10 of annual sales, we also find volumes 2 and 3. The work of Masashi Kishimoto is the third series on the market last year, with 2.6 million volumes sold. One Piece being the series that has been in Japan for a long time, the triumph of Naruto during the previous decade is an event welcomed by Japanese rights holders.

This is how Shûeisha validated Kana’s request, that of the Hokage edition which caused a lot of talk about her. The publisher, aware of the concerns around the first volumes, recently reacted publicly for some changes to come (read our news). This version is not intended to replace the simple volumes which will remain in bookstores and target a younger readership. The Hokage edition is for fans who have grown up and who want a version with the best finishes, in particular by the presence of color pages. This choice seems to be rewarded since the sales of the simple volumes do not decline, while the Hokage edition finds its audience.

It is also on a more marketing perspective that the editor spoke. By developing on different fronts, Naruto has become the fifth favorite brand of young people (girls and boys) aged 12 to 18, all categories combined. If we target entertainment, Naruto is in second place in this age group.

This success is justified by the number of projects launched such as a Naruto escape game, while a Boruto board game is in production, as well as a Playmobil range scheduled for October. Cosmetic products have also emerged via the company Parfum par Nature. After boxes that completely sold out during the 2021 holiday season, three perfumes were made, dedicated to the characters of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.


After the Goldorak experience, Kana will repeat the production of a stamp alongside the La Poste group. This will be available on October 10 at points of sale, in the company’s philately collection, which is also aimed at collectors.


Other projects, more focused on entertainment, are also in preparation, including the show Naruto Symphonic Experience, a 2h30 film-concert in which the story of Naruto will be retraced while an orchestra will play the compositions in front of a big screen. Kana is also preparing a documentary in 9 episodes, retracing the production of Naruto in Japan as in France, for a planned broadcast on ADN later. On the music side, a new vinyl is being studied after the dazzling success of the first part, available in three versions (Orange Naruto, Blue Sasuke and Gray Kakashi). Kana is also working on other licenses to enrich his musical label.

Finally, the show was marked by the presence of the Konoha Express, a real little locomotive worthy of the village of Naruto, which offered the various products around the series. This one will tour France next year, the goal being to continue to make Naruto shine in our country. While the Boruto series continues in both anime and manga, the saga will continue to be talked about for a long time to come.