Kishimoto would have regretted adding Sakura Haruno to the Naruto manga

Naruto is one of the most beloved anime and manga series in the industry, and the story that Masashi Kishimoto presents us about the adventures of the village of Konoha is really full of surprises, of which we can highlight the ninja path of Naruto Uzumaki, the protagonist of the series.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that, leaving aside the protagonist, one of the most controversial characters by Masashi Kishimoto, author of Naruto, is Sakura Haruno, a member of team 7 and current wife of Sasuke, but when a time comes, the artist he would have regretted creating it.

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It is known by the community of anime fans that Sarada’s mother was not well received, even until now, she is considered a member of the series that is not very important and that on many occasions, can get fed up.

Although she has helped other members of the franchise and healed many Shinobi, including saving Naruto’s life and playing a key role in defeating Sasori, there are many fans of the series who continue to see her as an irritating character, so which is very present in the mind of the author and his image before Naruto fans.

We should mention that Kishimoto recently revealed in an official interview that he regretted creating it. “All the characters that I intentionally tried to popularize failed as the series went on. One of these that I tried extremely hard to make popular was Sakura Haruno.”

The author explained in detail how he wanted to make the ninja relate to the girls in real life and made sure to draw her more beautiful than the other women in the anime, but as the series progressed, he had problems with his creation and every time he came out, other young women confessed their hatred for Naruto Uzumaki’s partner in team 7.

At one point, Masashi Kishimoto wanted to remove her from the franchise and put Hinata in her place, as the character was gaining more popularity as Naruto continued to progress. However, the author’s love for Sakura made the girl continue and even participate in the final battle to defeat Kaguya.