Laura Martin is the best live-action Hinata with her Naruto Shippuden cosplay

Several years have passed since the end of the anime of naruto shippuden but the truth is that many fans prefer to ignore its sequel, so we continue to see tributes to that time of Masashi Kishimoto’s work. Among these taxes we have the cosplay of hinata hyuga With which Laura Martin he showed us what a live-action version would look like.

When live-action adaptations of anime and manga works are made, we usually see changes in character designs, but thanks to French cosplayer Laura Martin we can imagine how Hinata Hyuga would look like in an adaptation that maintains the same look as the anime and Naruto Shippuden manga, and the result is excellent.

Laura Martin’s philosophy is that cosplaying is fun and cosplay is for everyone, so it’s no surprise to see that the photos from her shoots reflect the happiness she finds in becoming other characters. Although Laura has come up with many professional-quality cosplays, the Hinata Hyuga cosplay is sure to make Naruto Shippuden fans happy.

Laura Martin began posting her cosplay sessions on social media in mid-2020, and in this time she has transformed into more than a dozen characters, spanning TV, video games, anime, and manga. The first time she cosplayed Hinata as a bunny version, but more recently she cosplayed after the look of Naruto Shippuden.

The first time Laura Martin presented a shoot with her excellent cosplay of Hinata in the Naruto Shippuden costume was at the end of July, but since then she has made about eight posts showing different photos from this shoot. If you like the Hinata cosplay that Laura did, I recommend that you visit her social networks so that you can see that she is not the only cosplay of professional quality.

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