Leak: New Naruto Skins Are Coming To Fortnite

According to a series of recent leaks, Team 8 may be ready to join Fortnite. What are the details?

Team 8 could join Fortnite! | © Epic Games

Chapter 3, Season 3 is in the starting blocks, so it’s no wonder rumors of upcoming Fortnite crossovers are already circulating. One such rumor suggests that Naruto Team 8 will travel to Fortnite Island. How radiant will these skins be and what are the details?

Are Hinata, Kiba and Shino coming to Fortnite?

In case you didn’t know, Team 8 consists of Hinata, Kiba, Shino, and of course, Akamaru the dog. The team is led by none other than Kurenai, and now, rumors are circulating that all of these characters will be coming to Fortnite.

The leaks themselves come from 4chan (because, where else?), a fairly reliable source. By reliable I of course mean anecdotal reliability – their predictions have happened in the past – but unverifiable. Take all of this with a pinch of salt.


Yes, we are dealing with a real leaker here. According to good old 4chan, the skins will even be available in the Item Shop in June 2022! I would like to reiterate, however, that these rumors have yet to be officially confirmed, but are highly probable.

According to the same user who just leaked Chapter 3: Season 3 Battle Pass. He also mentions that a second wave of Naruto skins will be coming in June and will likely be “Team 8” skins!

Well, we’ve known for a while that Fortnite is working on a command pack named “Kawaii2”. The original “Kawaii” (which, of course, is the Japanese word for “cute”) was the code name for Naruto’s El Nindo Challenges. These challenges allowed you to get the Kurama Glider for free, among other things.

Additionally, the first Naruto crossover was probably one of the most popular collaborations in Fortnite history, with raving fans from start to finish. It would make sense to bring more of this content to the game, right?

My little Naruto heart is still hoping that Shikamaru will also appear in Fortnite at some point. Who knows, though, it might not be as far-fetched as I like to think. After all this crossover and Naruto’s incredible success in Fortnite, IDoesn’t it make sense that most popular anime characters appear in the game?

In the end, it would surely please a lot of people, so we cross our fingers. If we have new information about the crossover, we will of course update this article for you. Until then, I guess you’ll have to pass the time with Boruto…

This article was originally written by Alisa Eiber.