LoL: Naruto and K’Sante have a relationship and the key is to open the 8 internal doors

League of Legends is currently in a very sweet moment; On the one hand we have the phase of Worlds Playoffs 2022which start tomorrow with a Rogue vs. JD Gaming and other matches that are bangers. However, it is not the only thing we want to see, since throughout this last week we have been able to witness and meet k’santethe new champion who will arrive at Riot’s MOBA to play, initially, in the Toplane and like a tank unwavering.

His kit of skills is quite interesting and has surprised everyone, especially his ultimate so spectacular and colorful that causes an explosion of damage in a champion. However, what many do not know is that this movement has its origins in an anime that everyone loves and in a truly special character: Rock Lee from Naruto.

Rock Lee, K’Sante and a definitive made in anime

Through the blog about the champion where the creators talk and reflect on the creation and design of the character, we were able to discover this curious relationship between the Great Green Beast of Konoha and the Shuriman: “While I was designing K’Sante’s ultimate, I kept thinking about that moment in Naruto where Rock Lee takes off his weights that he was wearing on his legs and everyone is left thinking: ‘But what about that?!’ And when I shared the champion design with the team, that’s how I explained his ultimate,” says AzuBK, one of K’Sante’s “parents.”

Maxwell, another of the champion’s designers, says that scene in Naruto was pivotal when he got down to work on K’Sante’s design. In the initial ult version of him, he didn’t launch his enemies through terrain obstacles: “We were thinking how to make a tank the star of the show And it turns out that the answer is to let the tank beat the crap out of you.”

The fastest kick in the entire Rift

In turn, Maxwell comments that “This ability has its negative side, since, in order to count on this exciting moment, K’Sante leaves his team without a tank. That’s why we added the wall-piercing kick. At that point, his carries are more vulnerable as K’Sante leaves the fight to duel. This sacrifice balances the ability, rather than just making it dominate the fight.”

As is the case with Rock Lee during the fight against Gaara, the fighter’s speed is so high that he appears and disappears right under the nose of the guy in the arena, who was stunned every time he repelled a blow at the last moment. When the creator refers to leaving the team alone, extrapolates what happens to Lee (And Gai in Shippuden) throughout the series: He gives everything in front of his enemies to save all his allies in order to defend everything he wants.

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