Loli is Hinata Hyuga in a cosplay inspired by the anime of Naruto: Shippuden

Although Masashi Kishimoto continues to expand the universe of Naruto with new stories, fans agree that Naruto: Shippūden It was the best era anime and manga, so we are not surprised that cosplays inspired by the designs we saw in this part continue to emerge. Among those is the cosplay of hinata hyuuga that the Chilean did Loli.

Chilean cosplayer and model Loli o Waifulolita is an MMORPG enthusiast who dedicates herself to cosplaying as a hobby, and in the short time she has been doing it, she has transformed into half a dozen characters. One of them is Hinata Hyuga for whom she made a cosplay inspired by the version of Naruto: Shippuden.

Loli in Hinata Hyuga cosplay from Naruto: Shippuden.

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The first time we saw Loli in a Naruto: Shippuden anime-inspired Hinata Hyuga cosplay was in January this year, when she posted a photo in black underwear looking very provocative. It took half a year for Loli to present a new version more similar to the one we see in the anime.

In July of this year, Loli shared a new photograph cosplaying Hinata Hyuga, again inspired by how she looks in the Naruto: Shippuden anime. This cosplay shows Hinata’s outfit as we see it in the anime but she puts a bit of fan service on it by revealing the front of her outfit, revealing her tights and bra that she wears underneath it.

Since then we have not seen Loli cosplaying Hinata again, but recently she presented a new Power cosplay with which she celebrates the premiere of the Chainsaw Man anime. If you liked the Hinata cosplay that Loli presented, I invite you to Follow them on their social networks so that you can see their first version and the following ones that they will present in the coming months.