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Love is one of the most beautiful feelings when it is reciprocated, and boy, in that phase in which it is more intense, all kinds of acts can be committed because it seems that fatigue does not exist. Precisely, this was what led a youtuber specialized in anime to get into the depths of the terrible stuffing of Naruto with the firm intention of creating a version that he could see with his girlfriend.

Oceaniz created the ultimate cut of Narutowithout padding and only for his girlfriend

A report of Kotaku shared the project of the youtuber Oceaniz, who took on the task of editing all the filling of Naruto making it an anime accessible enough for his girlfriend to watch. According to this lover, on previous occasions the couple watched some of the most famous anime from start to finish, but in the case of Narutohis girlfriend Laura was not encouraged because it is 720 chapters and it is known that there is a lot of padding, in fact the anime is also known for that infamous detail.

With that idea in mind, Oceaniz worked for about 3 months to shape Naruto: The Ocean Cutedition in which he eliminated the filler, some irrelevant sequences and especially the flashbacks that are also sadly famous for not contributing anything and in some cases for being very different from what originally happened.

This edition of Naruto reduced the anime to 135 hours

It should be noted that Oceaniz knows the anime from Naruto Ever since I was a child and a fan of these Japanese productions, I knew very well what I was up against and the parts I had to cut out in order to create a much friendlier version that I could watch, from start to finish, with my partner.

However, not everything was hunky-dory because the youtuber ran into a wall when dealing with the rhythms and development of the stories in Naruto: Shippūden, so you had to do what was within your power and knowledge to edit and deliver a more digestible version. The above remains as an example with her testimony around the arch of the Tenchi Bridge, whose arch did not attract her girlfriend and she asked her to take the sequence to the end and just give her a summary of what happened.

In the end, the project was a success as it kept the essence of the anime from Narutopractically it is a product treated with passion for the series and the best thing is that Naruto: The Ocean Cut it ended up clocking in at 135 hours, a much lower figure than the 250 hours the entire anime takes including filler.

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