Manga Boruto 66

The Boruto 66 manga officially arrives in Spanish and for FREE. Spectacular battles continue in this long-awaited chapter.

Today, January 20, the manga Boruto 66 in Spanish. Thanks to Manga Plus, we will be able to read this manga that is published monthly as expected Dragon Ball Super 80. Also this weekend we will have a good portion of manga in Spanish with Jujutsu Kaisen 171, Black Clover 321, My Hero Academia 341. The only one that we will not have chapters until next week is One Piece.

To read all manga we just have to download the application on our mobile device (iOS or Android tablet or phone). We can also read all manga from the web browser of our PC. Below you have the link that will take you directly to the manga.


In this era, the Great Ninja War is a thing of the past and the Hidden Leaf Village enjoys peace. The son of the Seventh Hokage, Boruto, has been sadly living in the shadow of his father’s enormous influence, oblivious to the new catastrophe looming over the world… Here begins the legend of a new generation!!