Manga Chronicle: Naruto Hockage #05

Previously on Naruto”Hocking edition“…

Accompanied by Sasuke and Sakura, Naruto, the worst rascal of the school of ninjas in the hidden village of Konoha, continues his learning.

At Master Kakashi’s invitation, Naruto and his teammates registered for the “middle class” ninja selection exam.

After passing the written test, the candidates go to the site of the second test: “the forest of death”. The different teams engage in a merciless struggle to seize the reels.

It is then that a mysterious ninja, Orochimaru, attacks Naruto and his companions! He leaves an evil mark on Sasuke’s body and disappears.

Our friends finally manage to get out of the forest and qualify with seven other teams for the third round.

A preliminary round is then organized: it is a series of individual fights aimed at reducing the number of candidates.

This is the moment Kabuto chooses to give up the selection exam…

Who of the last twenty fighters will emerge victorious?

The story of this #5 in a few lines…

Chapters 73 to 90

Sakura and Ino end their duel with a balanced result; the 2 ninja apprentices have surprisingly progressed in contact with their respective Team!

The 5th meeting (Tenten vs Temari) will only serve as an introduction to a terrible confrontation between 2 future tenors: Lee and Gaara!

The tension generated in its few pages will be such that this duel will eclipse all the others until this famous confrontation (yes, even the one where our young hero will fight Kiba!) These various duels will nevertheless have the interest of presenting us with fine detail the main ninjas who will always revolve around Naruto.

And then comes the 9th fight: Gaara against Rock Lee!

Colorful (thank you Lee) while being relentless and efficient (Gaara!), the tension goes into the red from the first exchange, with the disclosure of Gaara’s technique…. No one had seen him coming but everyone sensed that this stranger had terrible potential!

Undoubtedly the high point of this volume: Masashi Kishimoto delivers here all his narrative genius by staging impressive attacks in their creative aspects!

Personally and knowing the rest of the manga, never again Rock “Big eyebrows” Lee will have hyped me so much during one of his fights. It is here that we discover this “genius of effort” and his special relationship with his master Gaï!

At the end of the volume, the Hokage announces to the finalists the holding of a big tournament which will take place in a month in order to decide between them.

A hard training begins for Naruto who will meet the one who will mark his Ninja life forever.

We can’t wait to rediscover the sequel!


What we thought…

72 volumes… Did you imagine that by discovering the first pages of the adventures of this dirty kid from Naruto in 1999, Masashi Kishimoto would lead us into such an epic? Certainly not me, to the point that I had not started the series…

And when my interest was revealed (more or less during the Shippuden era), I did not see myself buying such a quantity of manga…

I took it badly, because since then, the adventures of Naruto (in Anime) have always fascinated me: certainly we are in a pure and hard Shônen, where the Power-Ups are legion and bring our heroes to powers too “divine” for mortals, but there has always been a certain creativity in the work of this mangaka!

In 2022, I finally have the opportunity to resume the story of this fierce fox from the beginning, moreover in a Perfect edition: Large format (I like it!), on quality paper (yes, it’s is from this volume that the editor Kana changed the paper*), and with Bonus material largely unpublished with us!

Thank you Kana, Naruto has always been your spearhead; you were able to stay the course during the SheatStorm on social networks and we no longer see anyone complaining about this edition!

* the first 4 volumes will be reprinted on the same paper, when the initial stocks are exhausted.


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Milan Morales