Masashi Kishimoto Reveals Naruto’s First Summon (And It’s Awesome)

Before concluding a summoning pact with the toads, Naruto should have summoned a completely different type of creature, according to its author.

Naruto, an undeniable success

It has now been 20 years since the manga naruto landed in France. Printed in more than 250 million copies worldwide, the work on the universe of ninjas is one of the greatest successes in the history of Japanese comics. It owes it of course largely to its author, Masashi Kishimotowho was able to embark readers in a poignant story, that of a child hated by his peers before becoming the respected leader of his village.

Besides its gripping story, the variety of ninja techniques used by the characters is one of the most fascinating aspects of the work. Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Dôjutsu… the mangaka has been able to invent a range of skills making the fights naruto more interesting to follow.

From our point of view, the manga passed a milestone when it introduced the concept of summoning. Used by the greatest ninjas, this space-time ninjutsu allows its user to rally animals or people to him. And its use has changed the course of many fights…

Naruto shouldn’t have summoned Gama Bunta

The first time Naruto is confronted with a summon, he nearly gets devoured by one of Orochimaru’s giant snakes. It is by meeting Jiraiya, another member of the three legendary ninjas, that the young teenager will learn to master his first very high-level technique (apart from multicloning).

But what you might not know is that originally, Naruto shouldn’t have summoned a toad… but a dragon ! It was Masashi Kishimoto himself who revealed it by publishing a sketch of the invocation in question.

The author wanted to comment on it with a touch of humor: “This is an eastern dragon that I was planning as a summon for Naruto. In my mind, an eastern dragon should be thin, a western dragon is usually larger in body. Here we have an overweight eastern dragon. *laughs* So fat that he looks like a western dragon…”

Masashi Kishimoto

In this drawing, we see Naruto standing on the dragon’s head trying to give him orders, as he does in the manga with Gama Bunta. Decked out in a kitchen apron, the wingless creature appears to have legs that are too small to land on. Come to think of it, it may well be for this reason that the mangaka finally chose the leaping toads as Naruto’s partners…