Masashi Kishimoto’s favorite character

During a interview with Masashi Kishimotohe mentioned several times the name of certain characters, why?

The mangaka said the names of his favorite characters in the series. For your information, the list does not stay and changes regularly with the plot. For example, before the release of the season Great Ninja War, Masashi Kishimoto chose Killer Bee and Chōji Akimichi as his favorite characters. Before 2012, he selected Rock Lee, Gaara and Hinata. Apart from the main characters, the little brother of the Uchiha family interested the author. In Naruto Shippuden, he takes the second role and counterbalances Naruto’s ardor.

How did Sasuke come to the show?

At first, Masashi Kishimoto did not want integrate Sasuke into the series. However, the latter remains the second character in the saga. This fact has nothing to do with the history of his family or his personality. The series editor and a friend convinced the author to create a rival to naruto. By creating duality, this idea proves interesting for the development of Uzumaki.

Sasuke, character in the Naruto series

Following the manga’s narrative, this Naruto competitor animates duality in the series. Also, his lineage and abilities became interesting points in Naruto Shippuden. Many passages speak of him and his story after the dramatic fate of the Uchiwa.

Design and invent sasuke character were difficult for Kishimoto. Basically, the latter had many ties and necklaces around his arms and legs. However, the author abandoned this original design. The problem is that he could not make this type of drawing frequently and in large quantities. He therefore moved towards a more simplistic style by referring to Naruto’s outfit.

How Kishimoto creates Sasuke?

Masashi Kishimoto talked a lot about Sasuke during his interviews. According to his explanation, keeping the character’s childlike traits was difficult, as he wasn’t able to redo Sasuke’s various lines properly. So he drew it in an older version.

Sasuke and Itachi

During the switching to Naruto Shippuden, the drawing constraint is gone. Kishimoto thus felt a real relief. However, Sasuke remained the author’s favorite character to draw. Note that his look has evolved from that of his rival, Naruto. The color of her outfit changed from blue to black before returning to a low-cut white shade. Sasuke then changed his style all the time.

After all the creators of manga worked for a long time, they found it necessary to appreciate the designs. In general, giving characters the same look is a good idea to get chapters out quickly. The incessant change of Sasuke’s outfit and haircut therefore proves his importance in the eyes of the author of Naruto.

In short, Masashi Kishimoto ended up liking Sasuke. The author also took time to adapt the role and purpose of this little brother of the Uchiha to the series. In the end, Sasuke became an interesting character compared to Ten-ten.