Meet Naruto’s Most Powerful Character, Itachi Fans Are Going To Be Disappointed

Naruto is one of the most popular manga of the 2000s. And like all good shonen, it has extremely powerful characters with formidable techniques. But in your opinion, who holds the honorary title of the strongest character in manga?

Naruto, the legendary manga

Cult manga of the 21st century, member of the legendary big 3, naruto is a unique work in the world of Japanese comics. The manga that rocked a whole generation has so many mysteries and questions that fascinate fans, even 8 years after the end of its story. If today the continuation is ensured with Boruto: Next Generationnothing will take away the nostalgia that the best episodes of naruto.

A question many fans ask often goes unanswered. Who is the most powerful character in the manga? We will try to answer this riddle objectively and without including the characters of Boruto. Thus, Jigen, Code or Kawaki will not be cited.

Who is the most powerful character in the manga?

In narutothere are many characters with immeasurable power. Especially towards the end of the manga, at the time of the fourth great ninja war. Kakashi with the ultimate Susanô + Kamui, thanks to the powers of Obito, will temporarily become one of the most powerful shinobi in history. As Cheerfulwhen he opens the 8 doors during his epic fight against Madara.

During their confrontation in the Valley of the End, naruto and Sasuke have reached a level of strength close to a god. Hashirama, the founder of Konoha, is the inventor of many techniques and considered the best Hokage of all time. Itachi is presented as the most promising member of the Uchiha clan. Madara is obviously one if not the favorite to be the most formidable character, especially when he absorbs jubi, he becomes almost invincible.

But a character is able to beat anyone. Hagoromo Otsutsuki. He is the creator of the ninja world, defeated his mother Kaguya as well as the 10-tailed demon, Jubi. He created the Buji, masters the five chakra natures and all possible jutsu. He even influenced the lives of Naruto and Sasuke. In other words, the Hermit Rikudô is indeed the most powerful character in the Naruto universe.

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