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Naruto Uzumaki – Grandista Nero Manga Dimensions

welcome back to miniature beautiesthe section in which various editors of Ramen for Two We show you in detail some of the figures available in the Spanish market. In this new entry we want to show you a figure of banpresto based on one of the most important and influential manga that have passed through the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. The work in question is Naruto and the figure that we are going to review is, neither more nor less, than the Naruto Uzumaki – Grandista Nero Manga Dimensions of naruto shippuden. This piece can be easily obtained through the page web of Banpresto Spain.


To this day, the work of Masashi Kishimoto It does not need many introductions, but for those who are clueless, we are going to comment on what it is about. the sleeve of Naruto was published between 1999 and 2014 in Japan ending with a total of 72 compiled volumes. The work became one of the great shônen in history, thus generating all kinds of derivative products. The most important of these is the anime produced by Studio Pierrot and that began its issuance in 2002. This has a total of 720 episodes between its two parts: Naruto Y naruto shippuden. In addition, the animated adaptation also has several films.

The work tells us the story of a young ninja apprentice whose greatest desire is to be recognized among his peers and become the hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. During his tour, Naruto he will establish all kinds of friendships and enmities that will end up forging his character and making him grow until he becomes a valuable ninja.


With respect to the figure that concerns us, it is the version of Naruto that could be seen in the manga after the time jump that took place after the escape of Sasuke of the Hidden Leaf Village and that is where in the anime it starts naruto shippuden, the second part of the series. It has a height of approx. 27 centimeterswhich makes it very showy.

As it is a piece belonging to the line Sleeve Dimensionsthe first thing that catches the eye is his paintsimulating the illustration effect. These types of figures look great once exposed and make a great impression, although it is true that depending on the light they can look a bit strange on some occasions.

We must also highlight the chosen pose, since we can see Naruto making the seal Kage Bunshin no Jutsuone of the most representative techniques of the character and that turned out to be fundamental during the development of the young ninja in the manga and anime.

Also, both the sculpting and the painting of the face are very well recreated and have a lots of detail. Here we can see the characteristic blue eyes of Narutoas well as the lines on his cheeks and the famous bandana worn by the ninjas of the Hidden Leaf Village.

As for the clothing, it is also quite spectacular, drawing attention to the care that has been put into small details such as the zipper of the jacket or even the fabric that covers the fly of the pants.

If we go to look at the figure from behind, we see that the recreation of the suit is perfect, counting on the symbol of Uzumaki Clan what does it look like Naruto in the back. In addition, the fall that the ends of the bandana have are very realistic.

Looking more closely at the figure’s clothing, we can also see that it has the accessory that the jacket wears on its left shoulder, being sculpted in it.

In addition, the piece includes the bag who uses Naruto to store your things, as well as the pocket which he uses to carry the kunai.

Going to the bottom, we see that both the shoes he uses Naruto, like the toes, maintain the same level of detail as the rest of the figure. Also, as is usual in granistainstead of a common base, it has a little stump in which one of the feet fits. maybe this would have been better in clear plasticbut it is still a good way to keep the figure on its feet.


So, this figure Naruto Uzumaki – Grandista Nero Manga Dimensions is a piece that fans of Masashi Kishimoto’s work should not miss. Like all the pieces belonging to the line granistathe value for money It is always a plus point. We are talking about a figure of 27 centimeters with a great level of detail and that has an official price of €79.99 in the page web of Banpresto Spain. Given her height and the painting style, she stands out a lot and draws attention once exposed. In addition, within this same line there is also a figure of Sasuke which means that, if both are achieved, the result is more than spectacular.


Name: Naruto Uzumaki Grandista Nero Manga Dimensions
Manufacturer: Banpresto
Specifications: Figure Prepainted in PVC/ABS
Size: 27 centimeters
Price: Around €79.99
Official website: