Montblanc x Naruto: The collection that honors knowledge

Naruto and Montblanc announced their first collaborationwhich includes writing instruments, accessories and smartwatches. Discover all the details that distinguish this new collection.

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The manga within a collection

anime series Naruto: Shippuden is a manga adaptation Naruto what was it been on television for 20 years to show the adventures of Naruto Uzumakia young orphan who travels the world to achieve your biggest dream; be the leader of his village and transform into him ninja more powerful.

this manga to which the new collection alludes has sold around 250 million copies in 46 countries and has positioned itself as one of the best sellers throughout thergo of time.

Photo: Montblanc

This is the Montblanc x Naruto collaboration

To commemorate Naruto’s cultural influencethe Maison luxury launched a collection entitled Montblanc x Naruto, with which it intends to highlight the importance of transmitting knowledge. That is why the articles focus on the relationship of NaRuto and his mentor Jiraiyaa wise ninja which was dedicated to travel and seek knowledge to pass it on to his disciples.

The collection includes a new edition of the Montblanc Meisterstück and will be available at rollerballpen and fountain pen with a gold nib, ornamented with plaque details and with the symbol ‘the village hidden in the leaves‘. This line of writing is complemented by an orange ink in a glass bottle and one leather notebook with the image of Naruto.

Montblanc x Naruto
Photo: Montblanc

Montblanc x Naruto also has leather goods What: a crossbody bag and a chest baga mini bag reporter, a tote bag and a case with a wrist strap. In addition to card holders, a compact wallet, a pencil case for an instrument and writing, a belt and a keychainas well as some accessories for iPhone and AirPods Pro.

Also added to this collection is the Montblanc x Naruto Summit 3 smartwatch which includes Naruto animations on the watch face and a brown strap with orange stitches and different symbols.

Montblanc x Naruto
Photo: Montblanc

The pieces of this edition highlight the Naruto characters on a black background and include design elements in orange colorto evoke the art of writing through brushstrokes, drops and symbols inspired by calligraphy.

Montblanc x Naruto It is available from October 11 in the boutiques of the Maison.

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an animated cut

As part of the launchthe Naruto team created an anime cut where is reflected the power of writing and the fact of knowing how to transmit knowledge. in special saying Jiraiya reflects on Naruto’s journeythe tips that offers his disciple Y the things that really matter in life.

Subsequently, the teacher capture your thoughts with a pen to explain what it really means to be a ninja.

Montblanc x Naruto
Photo: Montblanc

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