MrBeast hired Junko Takeuchi, the original voice of Naruto, to dub his videos into Japanese

MrBeast He is currently one of the most important content creators and influencers in Youtube and all over the internet. It has more than 113 million subscribers on the video platform of Google and has already managed to surpass other iconic celebrities on the site such as pewdiepie. His reach can no longer only be limited to the English-speaking public, so the creative decided to translate his material into more languages ​​progressively. In the case of Japanese, the audio tracks contain a pleasant surprise for all anime fans.

If one chooses to choose the Japanese audio track in a video of MrBeast where available, you will notice that the voice of Jimmy Donaldson -real name of the youtuber- in this language is nothing more and nothing less than the legendary Junko Takeuchi: Japanese voice actress recognized for her roles as Metabee in medabots, Gon Freecss in Hunter x Hunter (1999) and of course, Naruto Uzumaki in Naruto.

Naruto’s Japanese voice is also MrBeast’s.

MrBeast He achieved success when he began to carry out interesting challenges, distribute money to the most needy and various other lucky people as well as when he organized some of the most watched events in the history of the platform such as the Squid Game in real life or a replica of the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Of course, the scale of these projects was massive and the next logical step for the content creator was to translate and dub all of his material into multiple languages.

Using the audio track function present in Youtube, one that many tend to forget since there are not many content creators able to afford dubbing for their videos, one can change the language of the voices completely. In the case of MrBeastif this option is chosen, one will be able to notice that his voice is interpreted by Junko Takeuchi. Obviously, the resemblance to his most iconic character -that is, Naruto– It becomes obvious from the beginning.

If you want, you can try one of the most popular videos of the youtuber by changing the audio track in the section “setting”. Remember that not all videos of MrBeast They have Japanese dubbing, so you should look for one that does have it available. Next, we leave you one:

Mr Beast and Naruto

In the past, Jimmy Donaldson He has not hesitated to demonstrate his great fanaticism for the anime of the blond ninja of Konoha. In fact, one of its most viral moments occurred because, when the video developed by Studio Pierrot to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Naruto was leaked in Twitter, MrBeast commented “How much do I have to pay for each episode to look like this?”highlighting the enormous animation quality that this sequence has compared to several episodes of the original series and its sequel Shippuden.

This simple comment triggered a series of rumors and speculations that pointed out that MrBeast would be willing to finance a remake of the anime Naruto. Due to his love for the franchise and obviously his great fortune, many thought the idea wasn’t entirely far-fetched. However, it is clear why Donaldson he chose the original voice of the beloved ninja to perform him in the Japanese dub of his videos.

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