Multiversus character filtered, would be related to Naruto

Following the success of last week’s Alpha Test, fans of Warner Bros’ platformer Multiversus are still eager for news. The alpha, while not open to everyone, allowed players to get a good look at the mechanics and gameplay.

Taking into account that multiverse is free to play, players were also able to test the possible microtransactions such as customization options and battle pass. In the closed alpha, the battle pass was free, although this will most likely not be the case when the game officially launches.

The alpha also gave players the opportunity to try out two of the three newly revealed characters, such as the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes and Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo. Warner Bros has a large number of IPs and franchises, so one of the great attractions of multiverse is to see which characters will join the squad.

Naturally, fans have continued to dig into the game for information on future announcements, with numerous leaks potentially revealing some surprises.

The latest character leak comes from LusiaMV on Twitter, who posted a video detailing a ‘ninja fighter’ that appears to still be in development for multiverse. While the character uses Steven Universe as an icon, the character is fast and agile, utilizing the hit-and-run style of gameplay.

This character appears to have a horizontal slam, some kind of close range energy blast, and a teleportation mechanic where he throws a projectile and travels towards you.

The community is currently debating who that could be, whether it’s an original character like Reindog, or potentially tied into an existing franchise. Fans may have discovered the first clue, as the projectile used to teleport has a symbol that appears to resemble the seal of the jutsu used in the anime. Naruto.

Also, the projectile’s codename is called ‘ShadowClone’, which is a technique used by the protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki, to make copies of itself. Naturally, this has caused a frenzy of speculation among fans.

The interesting thing is that Naruto is not a franchise that belongs to Warner Bros. However, the crossover could happen, since WB has important ties to the franchise thanks to the distribution rights of the DVD, so, at the very least, there is a connection. and a possible way forward.