My Hero Academia: 10 Oddities That Can Counter Naruto’s Rasengan

The franchise Naruto houses countless ninjutsu, or ninja techniques, and some of them are truly legendary within the anime community. The shadow clone jutsu is just the beginning. There is also the Rasengan technique, which creates a dense ball of chakra that rotates rapidly to hit the enemy at close range. Naruto Uzumaki, his father and son are known to use the Rasengan.

This technique is powerful in the hands of a capable ninja, but techniques from other shonen series can stop a Rasengan user in their tracks, such as the Quirks of the universe of My Hero Academia , blocking or overriding the standard Rasengan or preventing the Rasengan user from getting close to their enemy.

10 One for All makes Rasengan disappear

Rasengan is a jutsu based on rotation and brute force, and not all Quirks or ninjutsu can handle its raw power. Some, however, can. The one-for-all Quirk is also a brute force superpower, and he can easily beat the Rasengan at his own game.

One For All has been carrying power for generations, and its Smash techniques can easily raze apples. Even if Naruto were the one to use a Rasengan, Izuku or All Might could smash the Rasengan in a head-on collision.

9 Fierce Wings stay away from the Rasenganmy hero academia 10 rarezas que pueden contrarrestar el rasengan de naruto 1

Some Quirks don’t even need to nullify or block Rasengan to counter it during serious combat. Some Quirks allow the user to avoid Rasengan entirely, and the Rasengan user will have to switch to Plan B or withdraw. Professional hero Hawks knows what to do.

Hawks’ Quirk is Fierce Wings, granting him a pair of feathered wings for flight. It can easily stay out of reach of the Rasengan user and strike back with hundreds of feathers from a distance. Naruto and Minato Namikaze couldn’t hit Hawks from that far away.

8 Permeability makes a Rasengan jokemy hero academia 10 rarezas que pueden contrarrestar el rasengan de naruto 2

Mirio Togata’s Quirk, Permeation, can simply avoid Rasengan just like Fierce Wings but in a slightly different way. When Mirio activates the Permeation, her body becomes completely intangible at will. Nothing can touch it, not even the air itself.

Mirio’s Quirk means that no enemy attack can touch him if he sees it coming, and with his incredible intuition, he can even predict attacks that he cannot see. Naruto would never touch him with the Rasengan, no matter how much fox chakra or how many shadow clones he uses.

7 The barrier can block the Rasenganmy hero academia 10 rarezas que pueden contrarrestar el rasengan de naruto 3

Some Quirks are highly defensive by nature, and that includes the villain Hekiji Tengai’s Quirk Barrier. He is one of the Eight Bullets, elite warriors under the command of Overhaul, and living up to his name, his Barrier ability can create tough shields to block enemy attacks.

If Naruto really poured all his energy into it, it might shatter Hekiji’s barriers, but a standard Rasengan won’t cut it, and Naruto would be amazed to see Hekiji’s “jutsu” block a Rasengan with such confidence. Not just anyone can block Naruto like this.

6 Cement also makes barriersmy hero academia 10 rarezas que pueden contrarrestar el rasengan de naruto 4

Cementoss is a professor at UA, and he knows how to handle rowdy youngsters like Naruto Uzumaki. In battle, he can produce endless amounts of hardened concrete with his Cement Quirk, and as his battle against Rikido and Eijiro demonstrated, he can make concrete without ever tiring.

It is true that the Rasengan has enough power to break through Cementoss barriers, but it can do many at once, and it will not deplete its body or its Quirk no matter how long the fight goes on. It can deplete a Rasengan user and hold them at bay with concrete until the Rasengan wielder runs out of chakra.

5 Vines can immobilize a Rasengan usermy hero academia 10 rarezas que pueden contrarrestar el rasengan de naruto 5

Ibara Shiozaki has a Quirk named Vines, who turns his hair into sturdy extendable vines that can grab and hold enemies without shedding blood, which is in keeping with Ibara’s pacifist nature. Their lianas can be used to form a barrier, but a Rasengan user could break through the wall of lianas. Ibara needs another solution.

Fortunately, Ibara’s Quirk can do more than just create plant barriers. Against a Rasengan user, he could use his vines to grab the Rasengan user’s arms and legs and trap him in place, and the melee-oriented Rasengan would never reach Ibara. The lianas can even prevent Rasengan from touching the ground or Ibara’s Quirk, rendering it harmless.

4 Invisibility will not be a target for the Rasenganmy hero academia 10 rarezas que pueden contrarrestar el rasengan de naruto 6

Toru Hagakure is the hero of stealth, and her Quirk is perfect for infiltrating and fooling the enemy. Toru’s Invisibility Quirk makes his entire body invisible at all times, but he can also bend and refract light to blind his enemies, and he can also do a combo with Yuga Aoyama’s Navel Laser.

Toru’s Invisibility Quirk renders her unseen by any Rasengan user. It can keep Naruto or Boruto on edge by running quietly, and it can launch counterattacks from unexpected angles. Also, it has no chakra that a ninja can detect.

3 Foldabody presents a narrow goalmy hero academia 10 rarezas que pueden contrarrestar el rasengan de naruto 7

The ninja hero Edgeshot is one of the best of the best, and that’s because he has completely mastered his Quirk Foldabody. With it, Edgeshot can bend his body into a narrow, two-dimensional shape, and he can even bend his body into an ultra-thin straight line, like a living thread. You can use it defensively or stab enemies with your string body.

A Rasengan user would be in for a surprise when Edgeshot used his Foldabody Quirk to become 2-D or even 1-D and thus nearly impossible to hit or even see. Then it could be deployed and counterattack at will.

2 The Warp Gate can redirect anythingmy hero academia 10 rarezas que pueden contrarrestar el rasengan de naruto 8

Kurogiri is a special Nomu who can use the Warp Gate Quirk, who is among the best support Quirks in all of My Hero Academia.. When using the Warp Gate, a person will be teleported from one gate to another, and may even have only one arm or one leg teleported this way, meaning the person is in two places at once.

Kurogiri often uses the Warp Gate to transport his allies or kidnap his enemies, but he can also use it to redirect enemy attacks, something he used once when Tomura Shigaraki, Dabi, and Himiko Toga came to blows. Kurogiri could also use that ability on a Rasengan user, and make the Rasengan go anywhere but Kurogiri’s body.

1 Black Hole vaporizes any Rasenganmy hero academia 10 rarezas que pueden contrarrestar el rasengan de naruto 9

Astronaut heroine Thirteen relies heavily on her Black Hole Quirk, which usually appears on her right index finger. When activated, the Black Hole Quirk functions like a real-life black hole, greedily sucking up anything that gets too close.

Any Rasengan will be reduced to atoms and absorbed by the Black Hole Quirk, no matter how much chakra is used to fuel that Rasengan. And if care is not taken, the user of the Rasengan will also be dragged into the black hole, from which they cannot escape.