My Hero Academia: All For One Could Have Inspired Naruto’s Orochimaru

All My Hero Academia fans have been in awe over the recent chapters of the beloved anime, as Dabi was revealed to be much more than just hired muscle for the League of Villains. According to Dr. Garaki, he was the raw material for All For One to survive, becoming a vessel for his mind and soul.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that this is similar to what Naruto’s Orochimaru did with the young Shimura Tenko when he promised strength, security and a purpose to all his recruits to use them and live thanks to them. Going back to our main story, Dabi explained to Shoto that All For One sees his minions as “vessels” of his own life.

Both he and Dr. Garaki know how to play with human bodies to enhance, move or steal powers, like a Dr. Victor Frankenstein from the anime world. Even All For One’s most loyal minions fall victim to his power. All For One sought immortality, and almost got it when he obtained Dr. Garaki’s Longevity Quirk, but even that wasn’t enough.

Like the Naruto villain Orochimaru, All For One aspires to become immortal by placing his essence into other people’s bodies. Orochimaru’s particular brand of immortality is only possible when he can be placed in a new body, just as he tried to possess Kaguya Kimimaro’s body with his unique bone-based kekkei genkai or the bodies of Sasuke or Itachi.

In the eyes of All For One from My Hero Academia and Orochimaru from Naruto, true power comes not from a training regimen or the power of friendship, but rather from treating human bodies and powers as modular things to be modified in a laboratory. . Power is transplanted, not nurtured. It is through that immortality that he can surpass his own limits.