My Hero Academia has welcomed a great idea from Naruto


Who would use it better Kakashi-sensei or Nighteye?

dodid you know that naruto gave him the inspiration to Kohei Horikoshi for Nighteye’s quirk from My Hero Academia? The Foresight grants him the ability to see the future of any person as long as he meets two main and unalterable conditions: the first is direct physical contact with the person in question and the second is visual contact with him, something that Naruto fans could remember someone else.

Once they are met, Nighteye can view a slideshow of his future activities from a third-person perspective. Unfortunately, this ability comes without sound, so Foresight is not an all-guaranteed Quirk. This ability is reminiscent of Kakashi-sensei’s Sharingan, don’t you think?

Exactly how far into the future Nighteye can see with Foresight is yet to be revealed, but Nighteye put a limit on his own Quirk when he accidentally saw All Might’s death in the future. This made him question the ethics of his own ability. and if telling someone their future was the same as dictating it.

For this reason, Nighteye developed a workaround for his own Quirk by activating Foresight. only to see mere seconds into his opponent’s future. In this way, he is always aware of his movements and could easily dodge or parry deadly attacks. His years of experience working in the field and seeing so many villains’ points of view gave Nighteye an ability to predict even while his Quirk was inactive, giving him an almost insurmountable invulnerability.

The Sharingan from Naruto vs Foresight from My Hero Academia

For its part, Naruto’s Sharingan is one of the most famous dojutsu in the ninja series. It grants its user unique god-like jutsus and the impenetrable Susanoo, but even its basic form was enough to intimidate the experienced Jonin. The biggest asset that offered was the ability to track and predict the movements of an opponenta trait that was mimicked almost perfectly by one of My Hero Academia’s lesser-known Quirks.

One of the requirements to be a Pro-Hero in the MHA universe is a powerful Quirk. They don’t have to be directly applicable to combat; Quirks like Eraserhead’s Erasure, Ragdoll’s Search, Hitoshi Shinso’s Brainwash, and Monoma Neito’s Copy aren’t traditionally powerful, but have been invaluable to his hero work countless times. Nighteye’s Foresight is another example, but since the full potential of his Quirk was disturbing him, he took a measured approach to activating Foresight. Therefore, both similar skills have their marked differences*.

naruto kakashi my hero academia

The overall effect of this in My Hero Academia is remarkably similar to the perceived intangibility of a Sharingan user in battle in Naruto. Even while facing opponents like Midoriya Izuku and Overhaul who were much stronger and faster than him, Nighteye kept the upper hand in close quarters. Even though they both tried their best to capture him, Nighteye’s predictions kept him out. out of his grasp every time like Kakashi-sensei did on many other occasions in Naruto. This is not the only inspiration that Kohei Horikoshi took for his work that never ceases to amaze us, we hope to see more in the future.

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