Naruto: 10 anime characters Itachi would be friends with

The Serie Naruto teaches many vital lessons for young viewers, such as the power of friendship and the value of hard work and belief in yourself. Naturally, many heroes of Naruto they make friends and fight hard for the sake of those valued friends. Even Itachi Uchiha had some friends and many fans of his own, including Shisui Uchiha.

For the most part, Itachi’s character arc was defined by his mission to slaughter the Uchihas, his membership in the Akatsuki, and his tragic and moving relationship with his little brother, Sasuke. But Itachi was never evil; in fact, he had a warm heart and, if given the chance, he would make more than one friend in the anime world.

10 Uryu Ishida and Itachi have similar personalities (Bleach)

Itachi is, at heart, a helpful and compassionate person who was known for his talent, discipline, and loyalty. In ideal circumstances, you could attract many more friends with these qualities. One of those friends is Uryu Ishida, a Quincy keeper who also has some family drama.

Uryu never killed his family, but he and his father Ryuken were deeply divided over the future of the Quincy tribe, and Uryu is determined to live up to the tribe’s legacy. He is also a smart, loyal, and disciplined person who will always do the right thing, and Itachi can appreciate that.

9 Itsuka Kendo is a kind of older sister (My Hero Academia)naruto 10 personajes del anime de los que itachi seria amigo 1

Itsuka Kendo is the class 1-B delegate of UA and takes that role very seriously. In fact, she has the perfect personality for the job, as she is a kind but stern older sister who can handle troublemakers with ease. However, it is not known if he has younger siblings.

If Itsuka and Itachi crossed paths, they would definitely respect each other’s commitment to their respective causes, and Itsuka would be delighted to see how caring and affectionate Itachi was towards Sasuke. Itachi, in turn, would recognize Itsuka’s potential as a professional hero and dedicate a few words of encouragement to her.

8 Itachi and Riza Hawkeye would have a respectful friendship (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)naruto 10 personajes del anime de los que itachi seria amigo 2

Even if Itachi and Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye didn’t become best friends, they would at least have a polite and professional friendship if they were on a mission together or ended up in the same platoon. Riza Hawkeye is a stern older sister type, but she has a soft side.

Itachi knows how to recognize a professional when he sees one, and could identify with Riza’s troubled heart. He is in favor of peace and friendship rather than war, but he also knows his duty and has shot many people during the Ishval Civil War. That weighs heavily on her, but it doesn’t destroy her.

7 Itachi can also relate to Yuki Sohma (Fruits Basket)naruto 10 personajes del anime de los que itachi seria amigo 3

Itachi easily befriends anime characters who have a similar personality and / or backstory, and that includes Yuki Sohma, one of the main characters from Fruits Basket. Like Itachi, Yuki comes from a family of great prestige, but also with a great background.

Yuki is something of a star among the Sohmas, and a lot is expected of him. Itachi knows what it feels like, and Yuki often has to decide between what his family wants and what his kind heart wants. That, and his mature and balanced personality, would make him a good friend to Itachi.

6 Misaki Ayuzawa takes on a lot of burdens (Maid-Sama!)naruto 10 personajes del anime de los que itachi seria amigo 4

It is true that Misaki Ayuzawa has more temperament than Itachi, but apart from that, the two have some basic things in common, and they would have great respect for each other. If Itachi somehow ended up at Seika High School, he would soon become Misaki’s ally and friend.

Misaki is a very responsible and proactive person who always wants the best for others, especially for her family and the other girls at Seika High School, but ultimately, she can be friends with anyone if she gets along with her. Itachi Uchiha certainly could.

5 Asami Sato Strives For Others (The Legend of Korra)naruto 10 personajes del anime de los que itachi seria amigo 5

Asami Sato is the daughter of Hiroshi Sato, founder of Future Industries. Following Hiroshi’s defeat, Asami became the new CEO of Future Industries, as well as being a loyal and responsible member of Korra’s Avatar team. He has a lot to do, but he never complains about anything.

Itachi would deeply admire and identify with him on some level, and would approve of how hard Asami works for the good of others, from her clients to her teammates to anyone else who needs her. Asami would also recognize Itachi as a kind-hearted person on whom a great responsibility falls.

4 Itachi would admire Akitaru Obi’s (Fire Force) dedicationnaruto 10 personajes del anime de los que itachi seria amigo 6

Most of the fire soldiers are too eccentric or goofy for Itachi’s liking, like the troublemaker Tamaki Kotatsu or the LARPing Arthur Boyle, but Captain Akitaru Obi is different. He doesn’t even have an ignition ability, but he is an exemplary leader who cares deeply about both his duty and the lives of his subordinates.

Itachi, who is experienced in the ANBU, would be drawn to a skilled and compassionate leader like Akitaru and become his professional friend and ally in no time. Akitaru is fun and friendly, but he can also make difficult or painful decisions on the battlefield without hesitation. Itachi is the same.

3 Tenya Iida would be Itachi’s friend from work (My Hero Academia)naruto 10 personajes del anime de los que itachi seria amigo 7

Itsuka Kendo isn’t the only hero-in-training who would befriend Itachi Uchiha as a partner. Tenya Iida, the representative of Class 1-A, would also befriend Itachi, and see his own older brother Tensei in Itachi. And he is not wrong to see Itachi that way.

Tenya, like Itsuka and Itachi, has a good heart but envelops it in severe discipline, a strict work ethic, and an intense desire to become a true professional and hero. If Tenya and Itachi worked in the same hero agency or ANBU, they would undoubtedly become work friends for having so many points in common.

2 Itachi can relate to Benimaru the ogre (that time I was reincarnated into a slime)naruto 10 personajes del anime de los que itachi seria amigo 8

Benimaru’s personality is a bit wilder than Itachi’s, and he gets nervous more easily than Itachi. Other than that, the two of them would get along if they met, as if Itachi was hired to help defend Rimuru’s capital from his many enemies.

Although Benimaru is not a ninja, he is a loyal and good-hearted fighter who risks his life for what is right, and takes his duty very seriously. He is also a protective older brother and would do anything to protect his little sister, Shuna, from harm. Itachi and he would agree on many aspects.

1 Princess Yona fights hard for what is right (Yona Of The Dawn)naruto 10 personajes del anime de los que itachi seria amigo 9

Some shojo heroines are warriors too, and that’s the case with Princess Yona, who lost everything when her childhood friend Soo-Won turned against her and her father, the king. Yona went on the run and assembled a team to retake the kingdom and restore peace to the world. It carries a heavy load and it bears it well.

Itachi knows what it’s like to suffer from bloody family matters and lose everything. He would also admire Yona’s bravery, conviction, and kindness, and would gladly join her group if she hired him. They would not become best friends, but Yona would continue to make a good impression on Itachi, and he would never forget her.