Naruto: 10 characters that belong to another anime

Naruto is a detailed and rich anime, filled with hundreds of interesting characters. Each shinobi triumphs thanks to their unique talents, be it their elite martial skills, supreme intellect, or mastery of all jutsu. Because of this, some fans may dream of their personal favorite being the protagonist of another anime, one more suited to their specific talents.

Shinobi with gifted minds would thrive in intellectual anime like Death Note and Code Geass. Others might put their fighting skills to the test in Baki , and gods like Naruto and Sasuke could find a greater challenge in fighting the Saiyans.

10 Naruto’s strength would be put to the test by the saiyans in Dragon Ball Z

At the end of Naruto, the plover-headed ninja had grown too strong for his own good. With the help of the Nine Tails and some Six Paths chakra, Naruto’s only rival was Sasuke, and the best friends were no longer interested in fighting each other. Naruto’s presence was akin to a nuclear deterrent, preventing war between neighboring villages. This meant that Naruto would rust a bit and only rediscover his insurmountable strength when he faced the Otsutsuki. If I was thrown into the universe of Dragon Ball, Naruto wouldn’t have a chance to rest with the plethora of Saiyans, Gods of Destruction and everything else. They may surpass him, but like Goku, he always seems to reach new heights.

9 Itachi’s life mirrors Lelouch Lamperouge’s in Code Geassnaruto 10 personajes que pertenecen a otro anime 1

On Code Geass, Lelouch is a natural genius who uses his eye power to overthrow the British Empire. This reflects in a way the life of Itachi, a similar genius who uses his Sharingan to prevent the Akatsuki from achieving their goals. Both characters look alike, showing their willingness to get their hands dirty in the name of the common good. Lelouch kills many people, including members of his family, to achieve world peace. Itachi kills his entire clan, believing that it is the only way to save his people. They both love their brother more than anything in the world and paint themselves as villains so their loved ones can live better.

8 Orochimaru would fit perfectly into My Hero Academia’s league of villainsnaruto 10 personajes que pertenecen a otro anime 2

The League of Villains is a vile organization hell-bent on destroying the society of heroes that marginalizes them. They do not possess any redemptive qualities and are made up of evil individuals with no regard for human life. Orochimaru was the original villain of Naruto and the physical incarnation of evil. Although he experienced a redemption arc, the original Orochimaru killed hundreds of ninjas with devilish experiments and attempted to destroy an entire village. Not only would Sannin fit into the league, they could go on to lead it.

7 Sasuke’s sword skill makes him a suitable Hashira in Demon Slayernaruto 10 personajes que pertenecen a otro anime 3

Within Sasuke’s limitless arsenal, there are a few skills and characteristics that define him. One of them is his mastery of the sword of Kusanagi, a devastating weapon that he uses to strike down his enemies. On Naruto There are not too many sword wielders, as most ninjas prefer to resort to long-range taijutsu or ninjutsu in battle.

However, in Sasuke’s hands, a seemingly ineffective tool turns into a diverse and deadly weapon. The Uchiha prodigy combines it with his electricity, cutting off just about anything. His unmatched swordsmanship would make him a proper Hashira, the greatest demon hunters who spend their lives honing their swordsmanship.

6 Rock Lee’s mastery of Taijutsu means he could rival Baki in Baki The Grapplernaruto 10 personajes que pertenecen a otro anime 4

Rock Lee is a fighter in his purest form. Taijutsu specialist, there are few in the universe Naruto that can surpass you. To truly satisfy his thirst for a martial arts battle, Rock Lee need look no further than Baki The Grappler, an anime that focuses on fighters who put their skills to the test in deadly, no-rule, hand-to-hand combat. Lee will most likely be immensely successful, due to the difference in the power scale between Naruto and Baki. But if he wanted to, the young shinobi could avoid using the Eight Gates and fight only with his physical strength.

5 Sakura’s strength and healing would make her an excellent magical cavalry captain in Black Clovernaruto 10 personajes que pertenecen a otro anime 5

Black Clover, a progressive and impressive anime, is packed with strong and capable female characters who hold the highest positions in the Kingdom of Clover. For example, the Captain of the Magic Knights, Mereleona Vermillion, is a capable captain and possibly the most powerful wizard in the entire kingdom. Sakura would easily fit among the captains, and her combination of unmatched strength and healing ability would guarantee her to thrive in combat with the users of the magic of Black Clover.

4 El jutsu inspirado en el arte de Sai funciona de forma similar al shikigami de Megumi en Jujutsu Kaisennaruto 10 personajes que pertenecen a otro anime 6

Sai possesses unique abilities that stand out even among the thousands of shinobi in Naruto. The Anbu member takes advantage of his impressive artistic abilities and combines them with his custom scrolls, creating chakra-fused beasts. His own limitation is his creativity, and fans have seen the talented shinobi create all kinds of animals, including tigers and birds. It is not much different from Megumi’s ability to summon shikigami. These take the form of wolves, birds, and even a frog. It is easy to imagine Sai working alongside the sorcerers of Jujutsu Kaisen, and possesses the same stoic nature as Megumi.

3 Kakashi’s abilities would make him an excellent hunter in Hunter X Hunternaruto 10 personajes que pertenecen a otro anime 7

Nen is a versatile power that can be expressed in countless ways. The more skilled and creative the individual is, the stronger his power will be. Therefore, hunters must be versatile people and prepared for any situation.

When it comes to being an all-rounder, there is none in the universe of Naruto more worthy than Kakashi Hatake. The Sixth Hokage is known as the copying ninja and can perform over a thousand different jutsu. He is always prepared for any situation, combining his skill and intelligence to achieve the desired result. There is no doubt that Kakashi would be an elite hunter.

2 Shikamaru could use his intelligence to catch Kira in Death Notenaruto 10 personajes que pertenecen a otro anime 8

Although effective, Shikamaru’s intellect is often marginalized in a world where strength is valued above all else. His fights are highly entertaining and demonstrate the importance of strategy, but his screen time is limited and fans are shown only glimpses of his true capabilities. Death Note is an intellectual thriller centered around the cat and mouse game between Light Yagami and L. All three characters have astronomically high IQs, but Light and L bring out their genius all the time. Shikamaru’s mind would be of most use in Death Note, where his strong moral compass would lead him to side with L and the Japanese police.

1 Kisame’s monstrous appearance and strength would make him a worthy monster in One-Punch Mannaruto 10 personajes que pertenecen a otro anime 9

The shinobi of Naruto They are human and most look like it. Some take on animal qualities, such as Orochimaru’s resemblance to snakes, but are still recognizable as humans. However, Kisame looks more like a shark than anything else, with a blue-gray skin tone and gills all over his body. And true to his appearance, Kisame thrives on water-based jutsu and shark summons, as well as wielding his shark-like sword, Samehada. The monsters of One-Punch Man are equally over the top, with humanoid fish kings and giant centipedes wreaking havoc. Kisame’s looks and strength would fit perfectly, and he would be a formidable monster capable of competing with the S-Class heroes.