Naruto: 10 Characters Who Don’t Deserve Hate

Naruto features many characters ranging from famous ninjas to dangerous traitors and anything in between. Whether these characters are heroic ninjas or proud villains, many of these characters, like Hinata and Neji of the Hyuga clan, have backgrounds that give many of them their reputations.

This characters from naruto they are known for their good or bad deeds. Sometimes their reputations are correct. Other times, their reputations are unwarranted and the characters are notorious.

10 Naruto Was Considered A Close Enemy

at the beginning of NarutoNaruto struggled against the villagers’ perspective of him. His pursuit of the title of Hokage was based on the fact that Naruto was believed to be a possible enemy. However, the villagers’ perspective on Naruto was undeserved. In reality, Naruto rescued the village when he held Kurama at bay.

9 Itachi seemed like a traitor to the villagersnaruto 10 personajes que no merecen el odio 1

When Itachi wiped out most of the Uchiha Clan, the village saw Itachi as the villain. In fact, they believed that he had betrayed his village and people when he killed them. Sasuke believed this story about Itachi and this belief caused him to attack the villagers Itachi had tried to protect.

Most of the villagers were unaware that Itachi was protecting the village from the Uchiha Clan. The clan was planning to harm the village, so when Itachi attacked them, he actually saved the villagers.

8 Shikamaru Was Actually Smart Instead Of Just Idlenaruto 10 personajes que no merecen el odio 2

When Shikamaru was in class with Naruto, he was known by most as a student with no drive and later as a ninja. In fact, Shikamaru’s sensei realized that he had a hidden talent: Shikamaru lacked drive, but he had the strategy and brainpower to be a powerful ninja.

Shikamaru’s abilities showed in his first Chunin Exam, where he was able to win and gave up. As a result, Shikamaru’s opinions did not consider his talents to be stronger than his. His talents, especially his strategy, helped him become the future right-hand man of the Seventh Hokage, Naruto.

7 Gaara Was Hated For His Father’s Choicenaruto 10 personajes que no merecen el odio 3

Just like Naruto, Gaara also had problems with his village. Although Gaara’s father coupled Gaara with the one-tailed beast, he soon abandoned his son. As a result, everyone mistrusted Gaara. Gaara was a child when he began to be treated as a threat, so he was innocent when the villagers began to hate him. Had they done the opposite of abandoning Gaara, Gaara might have become a stronger asset to the village. After all, he became the leader and changed the relationship with his village, especially with his brother Kankuro.

6 Sakura Was Mistreated By Sasukenaruto 10 personajes que no merecen el odio 4

When Sakura joined Team 7, all she cared about was Sasuke, even if it meant ignoring Naruto, who actually cared about her. Sasuke didn’t care about Sakura; he lashed out at her as he became increasingly obsessed with Itachi and the murder of her clan.

When Sakura tried to help Sasuke, he tried to kill her. In the end, Sasuke returned Sakura’s love, but it cost numerous battles and much growth on Sasuke’s part. Meanwhile, Sakura continued to worry about him.

5 Idate Was Really Manipulatednaruto 10 personajes que no merecen el odio 5

After Idate failed in his attempt to become a Chunin, he was targeted by a traitor in the village. This ninja approached him with a second chance. In order to obtain the title of Chunin, the ninja told him that Idate had to get hold of some artifacts from the village. In reality, Idate was tricked by the ninja and became a household enemy of him. Like Idate, Naruto was also betrayed with a similar trick. With the help of Iruka Umino, Naruto returned to the village without further punishment. After all, both Naruto and Idate were children and were tricked by an enemy.

4 Sasuke Didn’t Really Damage The Village And Save Themnaruto 10 personajes que no merecen el odio 6

While Naruto was fighting alongside the Jinchuriki against an enemy, Sasuke entered the battle and helped the Hidden Leaf Village. With Sasuke’s abilities, Naruto was able to defeat the enemy. However, Sasuke ended up trying to use the tailed beasts to attack the village, but Naruto stopped him. As a result of his heroics and betrayals, Sasuke was able to leave the village. Sasuke remained away from the village for years despite saving it and helping the Seventh Hokage.

3 Neji’s Uncle Was Really Cheated On By His Brothernaruto 10 personajes que no merecen el odio 7

While fighting Naruto in the Chunin Exams, Neji revealed that he despised his clan, specifically the boss. Neji said that his uncle used his brother to avoid being punished for his actions. Naturally, Neji blamed his uncle for this death, believing that his uncle caused his father to die. However, it was soon revealed that his uncle was actually betraying his brother. Neji’s father decided to pass himself off as his brother by rescuing the head. They argued, but his head ended up losing because he was knocked unconscious.

2 Rock Lee seemed weaknaruto 10 personajes que no merecen el odio 8

During Rock Lee’s attempt to become a ninja, he had to come to terms with the fact that he couldn’t use certain Jutsus. People like young Neji believed that Rock Lee would not become a known ninja.

Rock Lee had to specialize in one Jutsu instead of using all types of Jutsus. Despite his abilities, Rock Lee became a strong ninja, proving that he didn’t have to do all the jutsus to become a ninja the village trusted.

1 Hinata Became A Good Fighter Despite Her Father’s Opinionnaruto 10 personajes que no merecen el odio 9

As the eldest daughter of her clan chief, Hinata was at one point considered the heir to the clan chief. However, her father decided that she was not a strong enough ninja to deserve the position. When she Hinata continued as a ninja, she showed that she was also skilled and powerful. She not only had the skills of a good ninja, but she also had a good character and her kind heart would have made her a good leader.