Naruto: 10 characters who master different types of jutsu

In the worldfrom Naruto There are some extremely skilled ninjas who excel at a particular ninja art and make a name for it. However, on rare occasions, a shinobi is known to excel in almost every ninja arts out there and are incredibly thorough jutsu users.

These shinobi, although only a handful in number, are usually the ones that are considered among the strongest in all of history. Over the years, quite a few such characters have appeared in the series Naruto and they have shown the fans that they are above the rest.

10 Kakashi Hatake had great abilities in almost every ninja arts

Known as the Copying Ninja, Kakashi Hatake is known to be an incredibly skilled ninja who possessed enormous control over all the ninja arts out there. Thanks to his Sharingan, Kakashi was able to use the copy ninjutsu and even the taijutsu skills of certain elite characters like Might Guy.

At the same time, he was also very skilled at genjutsu, once again, thanks to his sharingan. Plus, Kakashi can pull off some decent sealing techniques as well, proving just how versatile he is.

9 Minato Namikaze was a genius in all artsnaruto 10 personajes que dominan diferentes tipos de jutsu 1

Konohagakure’s fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, was an incredible shinobi. Famous as the Yellow Lightning throughout the ninja world, Minato was known for his speed, but all of his other aspects were just as great in combat.

He possessed great skill in taijutsu and, thanks to Kushina, he was also able to use some extremely powerful Sealing Jutsu. Minato was also skilled in senjutsu, having trained on Mount Myoboku. His skill in this art was seen during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

8 Itachi Uchiha had great potential as a ninjanaruto 10 personajes que dominan diferentes tipos de jutsu 2

Itachi Uchiha was the son of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha. Known for being a genius, Itachi, as a child, could use techniques that even adults had trouble with. His genjutsu skill was immense, but his taijutsu, kenjutsu, shurikenjutsu, and even ninjutsu were also extremely great.

Itachi was so fascinating that a member of the Legendary Sannin, Orochimaru, openly admitted to being inferior to him in terms of ability, despite being a master of all arts himself.

7 Tobirama Senju had a vast arsenal of techniquesnaruto 10 personajes que dominan diferentes tipos de jutsu 3

The second Hokage of Konohagakure, Tobirama Senju, was one of the best jutsu users in the series, as he invented a large part of them. When it comes to ninjutsu, Tobirama was one of the best users ever.

His taijutsu was great enough to match Hiruzen Sarutobi and even surpass him at times, and his genjutsu skills were not lacking either. Tobirama created various Forbidden Jutsu and shaped the ninja world by doing so.

6 Obito Uchiha learned everything from Madara Uchihanaruto 10 personajes que dominan diferentes tipos de jutsu 4

Obito Uchiha was certainly not a master of all abilities during his time in Konohagakure, however, after training with Madara Uchiha, his latent powers blossomed. Obito mastered all ninjutsu, genjutsu, and even taijutsu.

He was powerful enough to take down an ANBU army from Kirigakure on his own and from there he only got better. Obito also knew other jutsu and kept improving his power until the end.

5 Hashirama Senju was a man of a thousand skillsnaruto 10 personajes que dominan diferentes tipos de jutsu 5

Hashirama Senju, also known as the First Hokage of Konohagakure, was a very skilled man. Although he was known specifically for his use of the Wood Release Kekkei Genkai, his skill in other arts was just as wonderful.

Hashirama could use all five nature transformations and his taijutsu was good enough to keep up with Madara Uchiha. He could also use some very good genjutsu techniques, such as the Bringer of Darkness Jutsu.

4 Naruto Uzumaki learned quite a few jutsunaruto 10 personajes que dominan diferentes tipos de jutsu 6

The Seventh Hokage of Konohagakure, Naruto Uzumaki, was not the brightest of children when he began his life as a ninja. However, at the end of the series Naruto, had become extremely skilled. His taijutsu skills surpassed those of the Might Guy, while his ninjutsu could put the strongest in check.

Although Naruto lacked genjutsu skills, he made up for it with great use of Fuinjutsu. He could also use Sage Mode, which made him stronger than almost all other shinobi. To make matters worse, Naruto had acquired three Kekkei Genkai that made him almost invincible.

3 Sasuke Uchiha can use almost all types of jutsunaruto 10 personajes que dominan diferentes tipos de jutsu 7

Sasuke Uchiha was Naruto’s rival and a ninja just as skilled as him. In some respects, Sasuke Uchiha was better than Naruto. His ninjutsu far surpassed Naruto’s and his genjutsu skill was great enough to catch all nine Tailed Beasts with a single glance.

Sasuke also had great taijutsu skills that he could keep up with Naruto quite easily. Over the years, Sasuke became one of the most well-rounded ninjas of all time.

2 Madara Uchiha knew a jutsu few could matchnaruto 10 personajes que dominan diferentes tipos de jutsu 8

Madara Uchiha was born during the Era of the Warring States, where he became the leader of the Uchiha clan. To acquire this position, Madara had to train extremely hard. No wonder he was skilled in all branches of jutsu. His ninjutsu was as good as Hashirama Senju’s, if not better.

He could use genjutsu much better and his taijutsu was great enough to take on the entire alliance on his own. Madara also knew various Forbidden Jutsu and Sealing Jutsu, among other things.

1 Hiruzen Sarutobi was called the professor for his knowledge and skillnaruto 10 personajes que dominan diferentes tipos de jutsu 9

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage of Konohagakure, was known as the Professor. This title was granted to him due to his knowledge and it is believed that he knew all the jutsu that have existed in the history of Konohagakure.

Hiruzen could use all five nature types and various occult techniques, making him far more skilled than any other ninja in this regard.