Naruto: 10 characters who struggled with romance

Although romance is not in the foreground of the plot, it is a recurring theme throughout the series. Naruto. Many characters not only have to learn what it means to love, but also how to do it. Furthermore, many of the relationships in Naruto They are not what fans would have expected at first, and much of it is because the characters turn into different people as the series progresses.

Many of the characters struggle with love in various ways. Whether it’s because of unrequited love or because they are unable to show love in a healthy way, here are ten characters who struggled with romance.

10 Rock Lee was never taken seriously and his love was always unrequited

Rock Lee was one of the most romantic unlucky characters in the series. Naruto. He loved Sakura Haruno, but despite his kind words and saving her from the Sound Ninja during the Chunin Exams, his love was always one-sided. However, Sakura came to feel great respect for Lee, and visited him many times in the hospital. Still, Rock Lee never really won in the world of romance. Even in the series Boruto, is presented as single (despite having a son, Metal Lee).

9 Naruto found an unrequited love in Sakura and was slow to notice Hinatanaruto 10 personajes que lucharon con el romance 1

Naruto Uzumaki loved Sakura at the beginning of the series, and part of her rivalry with Sasuke Uchiha was due to her being obsessed with Sasuke during their entire time at the Academy and in their full-fledged shinobi days. Sakura never stops loving Sasuke, even when she tells Naruto that she loves him so that he will stop pursuing Sasuke’s return to the village. In the end, however, Naruto finds love with the gentle heiress of the Hyuga clan, Hinata Hyuga.

8 Hinata flew under the Rader and couldn’t help but pass outnaruto 10 personajes que lucharon con el romance 2

Hinata also had problems with love, although most of them were self-imposed. She was always too shy to talk to Naruto, and despite trying multiple times, she just couldn’t say what she wanted. Instead, he often fainted when Naruto was around or paying attention to him.

Hinata changes at the end of the series and despite her struggles with shyness, she proves herself to both the Village and Naruto, who inspired her, when she defends him from Pain. Finally, she achieves what she always dreamed of and marries Naruto.

7 Sakura faced a lot of abuse from Sasukenaruto 10 personajes que lucharon con el romance 3

Like Naruto, Sakura also dealt with unrequited love, but it wasn’t because Sasuke would never get to love her, it was because he was too emotionally unavailable. Who could blame him? His entire clan had been slaughtered by his brother, and he dedicated his life to getting stronger so that he could kill that brother.

At the end of the series, Naruto finally manages to make Sasuke see reason and he returns to the village. Despite all the pain he put Sakura through, he marries her and they have a daughter, Sarada.

6 Sasuke’s trauma left him struggling emotionallynaruto 10 personajes que lucharon con el romance 4

Sasuke struggled with love too, but not from a lack of options. He was loved by all the girls in the village, and when he went to train with Orochimaru, Karin, one of Orochimaru’s subordinates, also fell in love with Sasuke’s coldness. However, it was that same coldness that kept Sasuke from finding a romance for most of his life.

He dedicated himself to the poisonous pursuit of revenge, and it was difficult for him to open up to others and love them. He even tried to kill his future wife on many occasions. Luckily for Sasuke, Sakura still loved him despite everything.

5 Sai also had traumas that made it difficult to relate to othersnaruto 10 personajes que lucharon con el romance 5

Sai not only had problems with love, but also with interpersonal relationships in general, but it was not his fault. He had been raised in a dark underground organization that brainwashed children into sentimental killers. So when it finally came out, it was only logical that he had a hard time fitting in.

Although he often said the wrong thing, he found love in Ino Yamanaka, who wouldn’t let him get away with her accidental (or deliberate) rudeness. Ino was an emotionally intelligent character, and this was good for Sai.

4 Ino had to give up her first lovenaruto 10 personajes que lucharon con el romance 6

Sai was not Ino’s first love. Ino spent much of her youth pining for Sasuke, like most of the other girls. This created a wedge between her and her best friend, Sakura. In the end, when it became clear that Sasuke would never reciprocate her feelings, Ino had to search for a new romance.

The saddest thing about Ino’s unrequited love is the fact that she broke her friendship with Sakura for so long. Ino had been there for Sakura when she needed someone, and she no doubt felt betrayed by Sakura’s declaration of rivalry.

3 Shikamaru had to learn to respect womennaruto 10 personajes que lucharon con el romance 7

Shikamaru Nara tended to be prejudiced against women and, in the original series, he made a lot of unacceptable and inappropriate comments about women that even his father reprimanded him for. Therefore, it was only fitting that Shikamaru would take down one of the strongest and most stubborn women in the series, Temari, from the Hidden Sand Village.

Temari may have lost to Shikamaru in the final phase of the Chunin exams, but she was by his side when he fought Tayuya during Sasuke’s recovery arc. Their relationship only grew when they worked together on diplomatic assignments.

2 Tsunade lost all of her important loved onesnaruto 10 personajes que lucharon con el romance 8

Tsunade always struggled with love. She considered herself cursed because everyone she loved seemed to die. His younger brother, Nowaki, died during the war, and so did his love, Dan. The loss of Dan even made Tsunade afraid of blood for a while, something that is a real handicap for a medical ninja.

Although there were rumors that she loved Jiraiya, she was never able to accept the feelings she may or may not have. He was too scared that the people around him would keep dying, and eventually, Jiraiya too.

1 Jiraiya was never reciprocatednaruto 10 personajes que lucharon con el romance 9

Jiraiya had a crush on almost every woman in existence, including his former teammate, Tsunade, though neither of them took him seriously. Things never worked out for Jiraiya, and it wasn’t just because of his lustful tendencies. The Legendary Sannin had been through so much together, it’s understandable that you can’t go back to how things were or could have been. Even so, Jiraiya lived the rest of his life alone, writing his romance novels. However, he never stopped trying to pick up all the women he knew.