Naruto: 10 Creepiest Genjutsu Illusions

In Naruto, genjutsu is one of the three main types of jutsu that allows a person to cast an illusion and make their targets visualize things that are not real. Genjutsu makes use of the release of Yin and is extremely dangerous for the victim, as it completely distorts their perception of reality.

These techniques are quite useful as they are powerful enough to defeat a person without even having to engage them in close combat. Although genjutsu techniques are certainly difficult to master, they are quite useful in battle, and the strongest turn out to be especially creepy.

10 The “Bringer of Darkness” jutsu can blind anyone who is caught in it

Used by the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju in the manga and Tobirama Senju in the anime, the Bringer of Darkness is a powerful genjutsu. It completely blinds those it catches, rendering them defenseless against their enemies. It was used by both against Hiruzen Sarutobi during the Konoha Crush arc. It is quite easy to see that the technique is extremely creepy, since the person loses all sense of vision, and the only thing that can help them is their ability to hear sounds.

9 Genjutsu: The Sharingan is the most basic but powerful Uchiha jutsunaruto 10 ilusiones genjutsu mas espeluznantes 1

Genjutsu: The Sharingan is an incredibly powerful technique that only people who possess the Sharingan can use in Naruto. The Kekkei Genkai allows the user to cast various powerful jutsu on a person and show him any type of illusion he wishes. With this, the user can do anything from extracting information from their victim to completely paralyzing them. This jutsu can also be performed through the evolutions of the Sharingan, and unsurprisingly, they get stronger with each evolution.

8 Demonic Illusion: The Hell Vision Technique causes the target to panicnaruto 10 ilusiones genjutsu mas espeluznantes 2

One of the first techniques seen in history, the Demonic Illusion: Hell Visualization Technique was performed by Kakashi Hatake on Sakura Haruno. This jutsu is quite effective, and it allows Kakashi to display a person’s worst fears of them. Obviously, this jutsu is quite scary, since it forces the person to suddenly face their worst thoughts and fears. After witnessing an illusion of a badly injured Sasuke, Sakura fainted within seconds. Even Kakashi thought he had gone too far with his genjutsu.

7 Demonic Illusion: The Chain Stakes Technique Puts Fear In Orochimarunaruto 10 ilusiones genjutsu mas espeluznantes 3

Used by Itachi Uchiha on Orochimaru during his days in Akatsuki, the Demonic Illusion: Chained Stakes is an incredible technique. It requires the use of the Genjutsu: Sharingan at the beginning and allows the user to catch someone in a genjutsu without even making eye contact.

Once trapped, the person is completely paralyzed and feels as if a hundred stakes are piercing the body. Although the target does not die, the pain it feels is excruciating, meaning that the main objective of this jutsu is to torture those who come across the user.

6 Demon Flute: Phantom Sound Chains can make even the fiercest swoonnaruto 10 ilusiones genjutsu mas espeluznantes 4

Used by Tayuya of the Four of Sound, Demon Flute: Phantom Sound Chains is a sound-based genjutsu. Tayuya plays this genjutsu on his flute, and once someone hears it, they are completely paralyzed. Once paralyzed, the victim begins to have morbid visions that take a toll on their mental strength, and most people eventually pass out. When Tayuya used it on Shikamaru, he imagined his flesh melting from his bones, and all he could do was watch him approach death.

5 Obito Uchiha’s Genjutsu eliminated even a perfect Jinchurikinaruto 10 ilusiones genjutsu mas espeluznantes 5

Obito Uchiha was a master of the sharingan, and some of the techniques he could perform were certainly intense. Using an unknown genjutsu, Obito was able to trap Yagura Karatachi in an illusion so strong that not even his Tailed Beast, Isobu, could awaken him from it, despite the fact that Yagura was a perfect Jinchuriki. Thanks to this jutsu, Obito participated in the Blood Mist era of Kirigakure. When Ao broke the genjutsu, Yagura ended up dying from its effects.

4 Izanami forces the person to recognize their true selfnaruto 10 ilusiones genjutsu mas espeluznantes 6

Izanami is one of Uchiha’s two secret genjutsu that removes light from a user’s eye when cast. Only Itachi Uchiha has proven adept enough to use this technique.

Izanami allows the user to trap a person in a loop of events for eternity. The only way to break the loop is for the user to end up accepting their true self and destiny. When used on Kabuto, Kabuto was forced to stop fighting and re-evaluate the path he took in life. Had he not done so, Kabuto would have remained in the loop forever.

3 Izanagi is powerful enough to alter realitynaruto 10 ilusiones genjutsu mas espeluznantes 7

Izanami’s counterpart is the Forbidden Jutsu known as Izanagi. This technique is extremely powerful and possibly the scariest of all genjutsu in history. It allows an Uchiha to completely alter reality by breaking the laws of nature and turning illusions into reality. Once activated, the user acquires full control of their destination while it is active. Obito Uchiha was able to hold the Izanagi for a period of 5 minutes without any problem when he came back from the dead to kill Konan.

2 Tsukuyomi can control the laws of time and spacenaruto 10 ilusiones genjutsu mas espeluznantes 8

Tsukuyomi is a powerful genjutsu that was unique to Itachi’s Mangekyo Sharingan. When used, this technique would trap anyone Itachi targeted in a world of illusions where he had absolute authority over space and time. A single second in the world of the Tsukuyomi could turn into an eternity for the target, putting him through hell. Itachi continuously tortured Kakashi in Tsukuyomi’s world for three days when in the real world only a few seconds had passed. So far, the Tsukuyomi is the only known regular genjutsu that can kill a person.

1 The Infinite Tsukuyomi turns people into White Zetsunaruto 10 ilusiones genjutsu mas espeluznantes 9

Easily the strongest genjutsu ever, the Infinite Tsukuyomi is equally creepy. This technique can only be performed by those who possess the power of the Rinne Sharingan, and it is launched from the moon to ensnare every creature in a genjutsu. All people are caught in its power, and when this happens, the chakra is slowly drained from their bodies. At the same time, those affected by this jutsu turn into White Zetsu for a period of time.