Naruto: 10 elements in which Boruto is better than his father

It’s not because Naruto et Boruto se ressemblent like two back drops that they are necessarily clones of each other. Wrongly, Boruto is too often seen as a pale copy of what Naruto was like at the same age. Although there are similarities between the two, Boruto has a few strengths his father cannot rely on.

10 skill areas that show Boruto could outdo his father

Few characters from manga can boast to be as powerful as Naruto. However, the anime Boruto tends to show that the new generation could well surpass the previous one, embodied by the current Hokage and his friends. To surpass his father, Boruto therefore learns at master the same techniques as him, while cultivating his difference.

# 1 Boruto learns to use the suiton long before his father

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Naruto fans know that every ninja has its own affinities in terms of chakra. As a child, Naruto could only use Fûton techniques. It is therefore not surprising to see that her son is also very comfortable with the jutsu linked to the wind.

Despite his young age, Boruto already has several affinities with different chakra natures. He may in particular use Suiton techniques, while his father only unlocks mastery of this element during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

# 2 Boruto has better chakra control than his father at the same age

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Control your chakra allows a ninja to better concentrate his energy during combat and to be more efficient on the battlefield. Sadly, not all ninjas are born with the same talent with regard to his mastery.

While Naruto has an incomparable chakra reserve, due to the demon that lives inside him, he encountered many chakra management issues when he was younger. It is therefore considered that at the same age, Boruto has better control of his chakra than Naruto. As proof, it only takes a few weeks for him to learn techniques that his father took several months to assimilate …

# 3 Boruto is better at throwing shurikens than his father

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Many shinobi put ninja weapons at the heart of their fighting style. Without betting as much as Tenten on throwing shurikens, Boruto differs from his father by shas mastery of these small projectiles.

The young ninja is capable to impregnate his shurikens with different essences to bring impressive techniques to life. Boruto can also hit distant targets with great precision.

# 4 Boruto is good at studying

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If Naruto has taught us anything, it’s that studies aren’t everything in life. The hero of Konoha managed to become Hokage, in being particularly bad at school.

For his part, Boruto intends to prove to everyone that he is better than his father. And it seems very well on its way to succeed. Boruto is considered to be the second best student in his class at the Academy. You could even say that his skills as a ninja have been recognized by the cream of the crop, given that Sasuke agreed to take him under his wing.

# 5 Boruto can use two chakra natures at the same time

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Despite his young age, Boruto seems to have already learned to master two different chakra natures simultaneously. Naruto needed the power of Kyûbi, as well as that of the Hermit Rikudô, to get to this point.

By combining several essences, Boruto could develop powerful techniques and have access to new chakra natures.

# 6 Boruto has its own Dojutsu

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Unconsciously, Boruto awakened his Jôgan while still studying at the Academy. Then he took some time to master this dôjutsu. Today, he can freely activate his pupil, in a completely voluntary way.

The Jôgan, of which he is the only known user, allows him to perceive chakra flows. His right eye also gives him the ability to see through the invisible barriers that connect dimensions.

# 7 Boruto might end up overpowering chidori

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We already told you that Boruto is able to use both the Fûton and the Suiton at the same time, but did you know that he can also master the Raiton (the element of lightning). Whether in the manga or the anime, Boruto was able to use powerful jutsu based on electricity.

Boruto masters in particular the Violet Flash. This is a technique imagined by Kakashi Hatake, which consists of concentrating purple lightning in one of his hands.

# 8 Boruto took Rasengan to a whole new level

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Let it be clear, of all the variants of Rasengan that exist, the one invented by Boruto has something more. By mixing his Raiton chakra jutsu, Naruto’s son can throw his Rasengan and make it disappear before impact.

The aspect of this technique is perfect for deceiving the vigilance of the enemy. Without even intending to, Boruto was able to show that he could innovate and that he was more inventive than Naruto in his days.

# 9 Boruto is more comfortable with swords

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Le Kenjutsu is a combat mode focusing on the manipulation of the katana. During his youth, Naruto did not show any particular appetite for mastering this art. But later in the anime we get to see it use blades to defend yourself.

Boruto, on the other hand, distinguished himself at a very young age in sword fights. Since his training with Sasuke, we can even say that Kenjutsu has become one of his favorite fighting styles.

# 10 Boruto is able to use the flexible fists of the Hyugas

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As a descendant of the Hyûga clan, Boruto is able to use the Jûken. This is a teaching of taijutsu unique to this family, which is also called “Soft Fist”.

Since he did not inherit the Byakugan from his mother, Boruto cannot harness the full potential of this style of melee combat. However, he still showed that he could use this very useful technique that Naruto will never be able to master.

Boruto has a bright future ahead of him. As you can see, the young ninja is not necessarily destined to follow in his father’s footsteps. His character and his extraordinary abilities for his age will undoubtedly allow him to take another path different from his own … So, Are you in awe of those areas where Boruto looks better than Naruto? Please let us know your point of view in the comments. While waiting to read you, find out our top 15 most anticipated anime of 2022.