Naruto: 10 harsh realities of being a Konoha villager

As fans watch the shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village in their various battles, learn new jutsu, and save the world, it’s easy to forget the ordinary people walking the streets of the village. From the owner of Ichiraku Ramen to the various merchants, there are tons of people living in Konoha who must deal with the carnage of constant ninja attacks.

From dealing with giant snake attacks to an ultimate ninja who can literally move entire landscapes by launching a full assault on Konoha, here are the ten harsh realities of being a villager in the Hidden Leaf Village before Boruto..

10 Villagers had to face Orochimaru’s attack

The village of Konoha has witnessed one attack after another. The first on-screen attack (that is, the first attack fans get to witness) was that of Orochimaru’s assault on the Hidden Leaf Village during the Chunin Exams. Not only a fleet of sound ninjas and the giant serpent they summoned attacked the city, but also the supposed allies of the Hidden Sand Village.

This was the first moment of the series in which fans had to face the fact that Konoha was not as confident and powerful as they had thought, and they realized this together with the young characters who were fighting in this conflict.

9 they also had to deal with Pain’s attacknaruto 10 duras realidades de ser un aldeano de konoha 1

As if Orochimaru’s attack wasn’t enough, a few years later, Pain, the leader of the Akatsuki, also attacked the city. He displayed his enormous power using an ability that could physically move mountains. Many characters died during Pain’s attack; However, they were later resurrected by the power of that same villain.

The poor inhabitants of Hidden Leaf Village seem to be forced to rebuild every few years, but Pain’s attack was one of the worst the village had ever seen. Luckily, Naruto Uzumaki saved them, and the villagers finally accepted it.

8 they were also in the attack of the Nine Tailsnaruto 10 duras realidades de ser un aldeano de konoha 2

Why didn’t the villagers accept Naruto in the first place? That goes back to what was possibly the worst attack Konoha has ever seen. The spirit of the Nine-Tailed Fox, which was sealed within Naruto when he was a baby, attacked Konoha before the events of the original series, and during the same, countless shinobi and villagers were killed.

Even the Fourth Hokage, Naruto’s father, was killed during this attack, although he saved the village in the process. This attack was so terrible that the villagers feared him and a boy for a decade afterwards, although the role of tailed beasts in the world of Naruto has changed since then.

7 They have to see constant ninja battlesnaruto 10 duras realidades de ser un aldeano de konoha 3

To be sure, Konohans see a lot of blood, death, and general fighting on the streets on a semi-regular basis. The entire Uchiha clan was massacred, some of whom were not ninjas or were not prominent ninjas (although the series does emphasize the fact that the Uchiha clan was self-supporting and lived in their own sector of the city). the sheer amount of fighting that goes on in the streets is impressive.

Naruto fought Sai in the streets. Kakashi, Guy, Asuma, and Kurenai fought Kisame and Itachi at a village pond in broad daylight. Not to mention all the shinobi running across the rooftops at any moment.

6 They have to constantly rebuild without jutsunaruto 10 duras realidades de ser un aldeano de konoha 4

Although there are a couple of ninjas who have claimed to use the wood-style jutsu, they are not enough to cope with the constant need for rebuilding (which Konoha had to do three times in two decades). Therefore, it is not unusual to see construction being carried out regularly.

With the shinobi protecting the village, gaining notoriety, and completing quests, there are few to rebuild and the villagers have to do most of the work on their own. Both the Third and Fifth Hokage commented that their ranks had been reduced.

5 Many of those around them have a lot of physical power over themnaruto 10 duras realidades de ser un aldeano de konoha 5

Fans have to imagine that it must be uncomfortable for the villagers to have to deal with shinobi every day, some of whom have divine powers, even excluding the Hokage. From what has been seen in other peoples and lands of the world of Naruto, not all shinobi treat villagers with the same respect as Naruto.

Although there is an argument that no shinobi would go against the Hokage by doing something bad and abusing his power, there are many ninjas who have gone rogue for less.

4 They live under a military leadernaruto 10 duras realidades de ser un aldeano de konoha 6

Although the villagers have a semi-separate government body to handle the laws, they are still deeply affected by the Hokage. Although the Hokage does not intervene directly in the day-to-day affairs of Konoha, he makes decisions that ultimately dictate the lives of all citizens. The Hokage has the power to introduce violence into the city, which puts the non-shinobi inhabitants in a precarious situation.

In Konoha there are no prominent leaders other than shinobi. Even the other members of the Konoha Council, Danzo Shimura, Homura Mitokado, and Koharu Utatane, were once shinobi.

3 villagers will never be able to join the leadership of the citynaruto 10 duras realidades de ser un aldeano de konoha 7

However, there is a Konoha Civil Council run by Tsubaki that handles these daily procedures, but not much of it is shown. Unfortunately, this is largely kept separate from the regular Konoha Council.

Fans never see the former shinobi of the Konoha Council talk about urban planning, local economy, or city ordinances (except perhaps the discussions about rebuilding Konoha after the various attacks). That is left to the Konoha Civil Council. However, the existence of shinobi and non-shinobi governing bodies seems largely gestural, as the shinobi governmental hierarchy seems to carry more weight in the village as a whole.

2 Villagers are rarely heardnaruto 10 duras realidades de ser un aldeano de konoha 8

Neither the series nor its characters seem to place much importance on the existence or life of the Konoha villagers. That doesn’t mean they don’t care about them – Naruto wants to protect the entire village and they don’t want to see the villagers injured or killed – but those villagers don’t live in the foreground of the shinobi minds (except maybe Naruto) .

The series does not focus on the villagers, so fans rarely know their point of view. They know how the villagers feel about the attack of the Pain or the attack of the Nine Tails, and they are aware that the villagers find out about events like the Chunin Exams. But the villagers themselves are rarely heard.

1 Its economy is based on the Ninja Warsnaruto 10 duras realidades de ser un aldeano de konoha 9

When attacks occur, trade routes are cut, or alliances are made and broken, and the economy changes. Military affairs have a great influence on what happens at the economic level. For a people like the Hidden Leaf, which relies on being hired for missions as its main export, this is even more true.

It goes without saying that the Konoha villagers’ ability to prosper and make money depends not only on the overall economy of the Land of Fire, but also on how the Hidden Leaf Village fares in its shinobi-based economy. If the missions do not arrive, neither the community nor the ninjas who buy many of the goods and services will get money.