Naruto: 10 harsh realities of being a missing Nin

The world of Naruto It is very detailed and exciting, and author Masashi Kishimoto explored many aspects of this universe during the original story, from international politics to the combat system to the concept of ninjas going rogue. Some ninjas are known to be missing-nin, and no one becomes a missing-nin for no good reason.

Ninja are expected to be loyal to their home village and follow orders, even if it means their own death. Most of the heroes of Naruto They are loyal and honest, but the missing-nin are an entirely different matter, and the missing-nin face many difficulties in this rogue lifestyle.

10 The lack of a child will not be forgiven

Ninjas are usually surprisingly sentimental in this world, especially to maintain the classic values ​​of shonen, such as personal loyalty and belief in oneself despite adversity. But politicians and military leaders think differently, and they won’t forgive a missing ninja for any reason, even if they were once friends.

The missing-nin cannot retract their decision once they decide to become rogues, and can only expect hostility from their ancient village. Even if a missing-nin sincerely regrets his actions and tries to make amends, his hometown will remain hostile to him.

9 The Missing-Nin will be huntednaruto 10 duras realidades de ser un nin desaparecido 1

When a ninja decides to betray his village and become a missing-nin, his home village does not sit idly by. A missing-nin will know many sensitive secrets about his home village and may even possess a unique kekkei genkai that the village does not want to be lost to the world.

Then the village will send ninjas to capture or kill the miss-nin at any cost, and the miss-nin will have to spend her days and nights looking over her shoulder to escape her pursuers. The missing child could also appear in the Bingo Book.

8 The Missing-Nin are often alonenaruto 10 duras realidades de ser un nin desaparecido 2

In theory, most missing-nin are lonely figures for various reasons, mainly because they can no longer count on the support of their allies in their hometown, and are viewed by their former allies as treacherous monsters. The missing-nin can act alone in order to go unnoticed.

Even a rogue ninja must feel lonely this way, and can only achieve a certain degree of solo operation. Even if they find an employer or a client, it is unlikely that they will be able to shake off that feeling of alienation and loneliness.

7 The Missing-Nin are rarely trustworthynaruto 10 duras realidades de ser un nin desaparecido 3

When a ninja turns rogue as a missing nin, burning the bridges with his old village and his comrades is just the beginning. This attitude suggests that the missing ninja is treacherous by nature and is not to be trusted. If this ninja betrays an ally, he will betray another.

Some missing children, depending on the exact circumstances, can prove to the world that they are not to be trusted. Even other criminals and outlaws might refuse to trust a missing child and wait for a knife in the back. Even the Akatsuki organization might not trust them.

6 Missing-Nin can end up working for horrible clientsnaruto 10 duras realidades de ser un nin desaparecido 4

Missing ninjas often leave their home village to find work elsewhere if their home village is at peace. A peaceful village will have few jobs for its ninjas, causing opportunists to go rogue and look to other clients for work. But they may not like your new customers.

A missing-nin will likely end up taking jobs from shady and dishonest people, like the cruel business tycoon Gato, who hired Zabuza and Haku for a job before turning against them. Instead, a town will have access to honest and fair customers.

5 The Missing-Nin could attract bounty hunters from other peoples / nationsnaruto 10 duras realidades de ser un nin desaparecido 5

A village will send a specialized hunter ninja to track down a rogue who has left the village, and ANBU black ops ninjas are often asked to take care of the Leaf ninjas. But that is not all. Even if the lost ninjas elude or kill their pursuers, other bounty hunters can take their turn.

A village may hire a bounty hunter to help capture a missing child, which means the missing child has even more enemies to watch out for. Being rogue means being hunted by everyone.

4 Children can feel guiltynaruto 10 duras realidades de ser un nin desaparecido 6

Ninjas are not supposed to feel or act on their emotions during work, but many scenes of Naruto show that heroic ninjas and villains act on their emotions quite often. Even the serene Shikamaru acted with some haste after Asuma Sarutobi’s death, and fought with Tsunade over it. Grief and regret can also come into play.

This must also be the case for some missing children, who may recklessly leave in search of new jobs, only to realize that they have made a big mistake. Now it is too late, and they will feel guilty about leaving their hometown and the friends who trusted them.

3 The Missing-Nin have to endure a lot of stressnaruto 10 duras realidades de ser un nin desaparecido 7

Becoming a rogue has many negative implications, and some of them feed off each other. When a shinobi becomes a missing child, they face many difficulties both mentally and physically, and being chased by nin hunters must be stressful, or at least annoying and annoying.

A missing child will have many more enemies than friends, and he must be constantly on the alert or he will soon meet a dire end. This undoubtedly leads to a stressful and unpleasant lifestyle, even if everything goes according to plan, and such a lifestyle must be mentally draining day after day.

2 The Missing-Nin cannot easily access the resources of their hometownnaruto 10 duras realidades de ser un nin desaparecido 8

Leaving a village means severing ties not only with the people who live there, but also with the village’s resources, which are many. Even a poorer village will have far more resources than a typical ninja will have access to on his own.

If someone escapes from the Hidden Leaf Village, for example, they will lose access to the village defenses, the intelligence network, shops, and much more. A missing child must do everything himself, and may not be up to the task, even if he resorts to robbery and assault.

1 Missing-Nin might not have a reliable squad to commandnaruto 10 duras realidades de ser un nin desaparecido 9

Ninjas have ranks, usually from genin to chunin to jonin, and having a higher rank means commanding a squad, which can very well boost a ninja’s career. Belonging to a village also means belonging to a squad, either as a regular member or as a leader.

Lonely missing-nin will have none of the benefits of having a team, and it may be difficult to form a new one for themselves. Even if a missing-nin tries to recruit new allies, missing-nin tend to run into shady and dishonest people, and it’s hard to build a reliable team of selfish outlaws like that. After all, “there is no honor among thieves.”