Naruto: 10 harsh realities of being on team 7

Naruto is a successful shonen series starring Naruto Uzumaki himself, a lonely orphan who wanted to one day become the Hokage and prove himself to the entire Hidden Leaf Village. However, he first had to join a ninja team and gain real battlefield experience, and was soon assigned to Team 7, with Kakashi Hatake as the jonin and leader of the team.

Team 7 soon became the center of history for Naruto , and the composition of the team began to change during Shippuden. It is clear that belonging to this team has its advantages, but any member of Team 7 must also be prepared for some harsh realities, as many cases in the franchise have shown. Naruto . What’s not so great about being on Team 7?

10 Kakashi is usually late for meetings

This particular joke became less important as time went by, but for a while, the three genin of Team 7 constantly complained that Kakashi used to be a few hours late for their team meetings, even though it is Kakashi himself who decide when and where the team will meet. How can you spoil your own schedule like this?

The truth is that Kakashi always stops by Obito Uchiha’s grave to pay his respects, and he takes his time doing so. However, he kept this fact hidden from his genin, always claiming that he just got lost every time.

9 The bell test is difficultnaruto 10 duras realidades de estar en el equipo 7 1

Kakashi Hatake has a high level of demand, and will not accept any genin who is so callous as to abandon a teammate or so careless as to lose sight of mission objectives. Because of that, he subjected Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke to the bell test, a test that the other genin teams didn’t have to do at all.

Kakashi told his three genin to go for the two bells, and whoever did not get a bell would be expelled from the team. All three genin had to cooperate to get those bells, but one would be doomed to fail, and this put a lot of stress on them. Fortunately, no one was expelled after all.

8 Naruto has a bad attitude sometimesnaruto 10 duras realidades de estar en el equipo 7 2

This particular harsh reality is a real annoyance to other members of Team 7, including Sakura Haruno, Naruto’s rival, Sasuke, and even Yamato, the user of the Wood Release in Shippuden. Naruto is determined to succeed and prove his worth, but he tends to be obnoxious about it.

The other members of Team 7 find it difficult to support Naruto and his goals when he keeps testing their patience with his antics and bad attitude, and even Kakashi gets fed up with him sometimes. Being part of Team 7 can be a real headache at times.

7 Sakura is obsessed with Sasukenaruto 10 duras realidades de estar en el equipo 7 3

At the beginning of the series, Sakura Haruno fell deeply in love with Sasuke and, unlike other Sasuke fans, Sakura ended up on the same team as him, Team 7. Sakura saw this as a dream come true, but the other members of the Team 7 thought differently.

Naruto was very envious of Sasuke for being the object of Sakura’s affection, and Kakashi was concerned about how Sakura gladly neglected Naruto to help Sasuke during a battle, hampering the team’s performance. Fortunately, Sakura and Sasuke’s relationship became much healthier after the major events of Shippuden..

6 Orochimaru was stalking team 7naruto 10 duras realidades de estar en el equipo 7 4

For a time, one of Team 7’s biggest problems was the snake Sannin Orochimaru, who stalked Team 7 to grab a promising new body one day. He chose Sasuke, and he chased Team 7 into the Forest of Death during the second phase of the chunin exam.

Orochimaru saw Naruto and Sakura as obstacles and plagues, and both Naruto and Sakura fought Orochimaru, only to face defeat. Then, Orochimaru placed the curse mark on Sasuke’s neck, and things only got worse from there. Team 7 was in trouble.

5 Sasuke left Team 7 and the Leaf Villagenaruto 10 duras realidades de estar en el equipo 7 5

Sasuke was getting closer and closer to leaving Team 7, and after Sasuke’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Itachi, he decided to test himself against Naruto, and he didn’t like the results. So Sasuke was receptive when the Sound Four arrived, and left the Leaf Village with them.

Naruto and Sakura were horrified by Sasuke’s cold-blooded betrayal, and Naruto made a promise to bring Sasuke back, only to fail. This was a grim and heartbreaking way to end the original series, and Team 7 was in bad shape. But Naruto still hoped that one day the team would be together again.

4 Team 7 was missing a member during some missionsnaruto 10 duras realidades de estar en el equipo 7 6

After the launch of Naruto: Shippuden , Sasuke’s absence was still noticeable, and Team 7 was reduced to just three members, Kakashi included. However, this understaffed team still had a duty, so Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi accepted a risky mission from Lady Tsunade, the Hokage, to travel to the Land of the Wind.

Team 7 was up against the Akatsuki organization, and Naruto certainly didn’t have Sasuke, not even a replacement for Sasuke, to help. Fortunately, this understaffed team had Team Guy to back them up, or else the mission would have been even more daunting.

3 Sai collided with everyone at firstnaruto 10 duras realidades de estar en el equipo 7 7

With Gaara’s rescue mission completed, Team 7 finally regained their strength, but the new member, the mysterious Sai, made an uncomfortable first impression. Sai was all fake smiles and strangely blunt statements, and he soon attracted the ire of both Naruto and Sakura.

In fact, Sai was beaten by them, but he still didn’t get angry. He just found it confusing, and admitted that he’s not that good at interpersonal relationships and reading people. At first, Team 7 was arguing non-stop, and Yamato was getting tired of it.

2 Team 7’s strength is unevennaruto 10 duras realidades de estar en el equipo 7 8

Ideally, a ninja team is well balanced in terms of combat power and strategy, as the Ino-Shika-Cho formation suggests, and team 8 is reasonably balanced as well. But Team 7, and even Team Guy, are clearly out of balance, which can be awkward during a mission.

Sakura Haruno made serious progress before and during Shippuden, but he was still far behind Naruto and Kakashi, especially in the face of powers like Sage Mode and the Mangekyo Sharingan. At worst, Sakura was a drag on the team, and Sai also paled in comparison to Naruto and Kakashi.

1 Naruto has many enemiesnaruto 10 duras realidades de estar en el equipo 7 9

Naruto Uzumaki has many powerful enemies and rivals, and this can complicate Team 7’s career in many ways. Mainly, among the enemies of Naruto are the members of the Akatsuki organization, since he is a jinchuriki and, therefore, is part of their plans. Even Tsunade, like Hokage, must take this into account when assigning missions to Team 7.

Any member of Team 7 is in constant danger for being Naruto’s teammate, as Naruto’s enemies can capture or kill them to get to Naruto himself. Team 7 also had to deal with Madara Uchiha eventually, who had been in the shadows up to that point.