Naruto: 10 harsh realities of the legendary Sannin

The Legendary Sannin are a group of three extremely powerful shinobi – Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru – who have effectively retired from service in the Hidden Leaf Village. Each of them was famous for their participation in past shinobi wars and for their vast knowledge and capabilities. They saw a lot in their long time as shinobi, and this made them both respected and feared.

The three of them had been a team in the past, and learned under the command of the Third Hokage (whom Orochimaru killed). However, not all of the Sannin were on good terms with the village, as all three were so traumatized by those past wars that they parted ways. With that said, here are ten of the harsh realities of being one of the Legendary Sannin.

10 they have seen much war and death

Legendary Sannin have existed during multiple ninja wars, and thus have seen many deaths in their time. This includes not only your teammates on your various war missions, but also your loved ones. Tsunade lost her younger brother, Nowaki, and her lover, Dan.

In addition, they have lost students and teachers. For example, Minato Namikaze, one of Jiraiya’s students, was killed during the Nine-Tailed Fox’s attack on the Hidden Leaf Village. So much death shakes a person to the core.

9 They have a great responsibilitynaruto 10 duras realidades del legendario sannin 1

Being some of the strongest people in the entire shinobi world, the Sannin are admired and revered by many. Many ninjas do not live as long as they do. In the case of the Hidden Leaf shinobi, they either died on war missions or in one of the various attacks on the village. Even the Fourth Hokage was not without carnage.

Therefore, having a group of shinobi that has grown enough to see so much and learn so many jutsu is an anomaly. They have the wisdom of many wars and eras, and have seen many places in the world. Their jutsu draw on the plethora of experiences they have, and they have had time to create and perfect some of the most powerful techniques known to the shinobi world.

8 They have a lot of power that can corruptnaruto 10 duras realidades del legendario sannin 2

With all the power, experience, and trauma these characters have, the risk of turning evil is always present. Orochimaru’s quest to find immortality in a world where shinobi died left and right caused him to enter a spiral in which he kidnapped children and experimented with them, in addition to helping Danzo Shimura and his sinister organization of children. soldiers who were brainwashed.

Even Tsunade was put to the test when Orochimaru offered to bring back her dead lover, Dan, in exchange for having her arms fixed. He finally rejected it, but if it weren’t for Naruto Uzumaki’s words, it is suggested that the result might have been different.

7 They are linked to the hidden blade for better or for worsenaruto 10 duras realidades del legendario sannin 3

Although they consider themselves retired and do not participate in missions ordered by the Hokage like the rest of the shinobi, the Sannin are inexplicably tied to the Hidden Leaf Village, like it or not.

For example, Tsunade was brought back to be the Fifth Hokage, and the Konoha council had originally wanted Jiraiya to take on that role. Even Orochimaru was unable to shed his ties to the Hidden Blade through his obsession with destroying it and the Third Hokage. Fans even see him allying with the Hidden Blade once more in Boruto.

6 They have to accept the destruction they have causednaruto 10 duras realidades del legendario sannin 4

While Orochimaru has caused great destruction to the entire Hidden Leaf Village on multiple occasions and does not seem to be much bothered by it, the rest of the Sannin also have to come to terms with how they have affected the village.

For Jiraiya, he felt that he had failed his students and sought out Naruto to carry on the legacy that he could not. For Tsunade, her inability to be the medical ninja that was supposed to be due to her fear of blood and trauma was a loss to the village, although it made her a better Hokage.

5 They have to see how the next generation surpasses themnaruto 10 duras realidades del legendario sannin 5

Despite how much Jiraiya and Tsunade wanted to help the young shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village, and despite how much Orochimaru wanted the ultimate power, the three of them had to accept that the new generation would surpass them. Whether that was a good or bad thing, it was something that depended on the situation.

Jiraiya couldn’t protect the orphans of the Hidden Rain Village, and Tsunade couldn’t protect her loved ones. They both had to turn to Naruto and Sakura Haruno to continue their efforts. Orochimaru had to admit his loss of Sasuke Uchiha and pass on his dreams to Mitsuki in Boruto.

4 The battles get bigger and more destructivenaruto 10 duras realidades del legendario sannin 6

At the beginning of the series Naruto, fans see the ninjas relying on subtle tactics, paper bombs, the setting of traps, and the use of clones or substitute jutsu to calmly and quickly end any battle. As Kakashi pointed out, one wrong move could turn the tables on a battle that would only last a few seconds.

However, this was different for the Sannin. They could summon large destructive beasts, and they could make their bodies nearly indestructible. Battles between these characters could last a long time and create a lot of damage, not only to each other but also to the landscape.

3 Cannot be establishednaruto 10 duras realidades del legendario sannin 7

Even when the Sannin tried to retreat, they were always called upon to reclaim their duties. Tsunade changed her appearance multiple times trying to hide from the debtors and the responsibilities of the Hidden Leaf. Jiraiya worked closely with the Hidden Blade until his death at the hands of Pain.

Even Orochimaru came out of retirement and was drawn back to the Hidden Leaf Village as he continued his cloning experiments and advised the village on various matters. Settling down never lasts long for these characters who are always on the go and are always called back to the village.

2 Finding love would endanger your partnersnaruto 10 duras realidades del legendario sannin 8

Tsunade proved that trying to find love in the shinobi world often only leads to tragedy. Shinobi companions die at an alarming rate, and marrying outside the shinobi line can put the couple in physical danger. Not even Jiraiya and Tsunade could be together. It is not until Boruto that fathers / husbands tend to be more present in the community.

It’s not just the Sannin either. Minato and Kushina Uzumaki were killed while in the village. The entire Uchiha clan was slaughtered. One of the Hyuga clan chiefs was killed as an act of goodwill for the Hidden Cloud village. Asuma died before meeting his unborn daughter.

1 You are alone at the topnaruto 10 duras realidades del legendario sannin 9

Being so old and so powerful, these characters are often left alone at the top. They have lived long enough to see everyone they met when they were younger pass by. In reality, only another Sannin can understand the pain and experiences of the other, so he feels alone at the top.

For a time, Tsunade and Jiraiya had each other, but Jiraiya lost his life while fighting the Akatsuki leader, Pain. Finally, after waking up from a coma, Tsunade returned to the road alone. Orochimaru has his experiments, but there is still an atmosphere of loneliness about him.