Naruto: 10 jutsu with the best design

There are a ton of jutsu introduced throughout the franchise of Naruto . Some are more powerful than others, but all are capable of great feats. However, not all jutsu are the same. There are big gaps in both its power and the effectiveness of its design, and there are some that don’t even make sense.

Some jutsu have incredible visual effects or have subtle but powerful abilities; others have great power or frightening disadvantages to the user. Others are simply basic tactics that, when used by the right shinobi, are really powerful.

10 Chidori was one of the franchise’s first cool attacks

When Kakashi Hatake taught Sasuke Uchiha the Chidori jutsu just before the Chunin exams, fans were eager to see Sasuke use it against Gaara and his formidable Sand Shield. The construction of the world established by the history of the Chidori was interesting. First of all, it was called Chidori because it sounded like the song of a thousand birds, something the sound team did very well.

Furthermore, the stipulations that the Sharingan was necessary to use as the Chidori was volatile, the fact that it was a Rasengan of a changed imperfect nature, and the drawback that it took up a lot of Chakra made the stakes high. Not to mention that the lightning emanating from him was visually dynamic.

9 Orochimaru’s ability to shed his skin and emerge from snakes was chillingnaruto 10 jutsu con el mejor diseno 1

When Orochimaru appeared during the Chunin Exams and showed his snake body in battle for the first time, the onlookers were scared in the best way possible. As the series progressed, fans were able to see Orochimaru, covered in snake slime, crawling through snakes’ mouths, recalling their ability to eat large objects and shed their skin.

No other character is quite as creepy as Orochimaru, and that’s what made him such a cool villain. His jutsu visually reinforced the idea that he was a villain with chilling effects. His half-serpent forms still live as cursed images in the minds of many fans.

8 The Grim Reaper’s Seal of Death was terrifying and had a lot at stakenaruto 10 jutsu con el mejor diseno 2

The Death Seal of the Grim Reaper was one of the fuinjutsu created by the Uzumaki that achieved legendary status. He killed the Fourth and the Third Hokage, and his image was terrifying. A Shinigami holds the user’s soul in its claws and threatens to carry it and the user’s enemy to its womb for eternity.

Not only was the visual design of the Grim Reaper’s Seal of Death compelling, but its downsides also created high stakes that left viewers on the edge of their seats. When the Third Hokage had to settle for Orochimaru’s hands instead of his soul, fans were furious, but those are the chops.

7 When one of the eight doors was opened, someone fellnaruto 10 jutsu con el mejor diseno 3

Taijutsu users have only one true ace up their sleeve, and that is the Eight Gates. Each gate carries a different level of power increase, but also a different level of debuff. All of this led to the Eighth Gate, which would kill its user but provide him with seemingly limitless power and speed, as seen in Might Guy’s fight with Madara at the end of the series.

Since the use of the Eight Gates is so risky, when a ninja opens a Gate, fans can be sure that something surprising will happen. Even the First Gate spawned some great battles, like the iconic one between Rock Lee and Gaara during the Chunin Exams.

6 Rasen-Shuriken thrown into the fight with Zabuzanaruto 10 jutsu con el mejor diseno 4

The Rasen-Shuriken was Naruto Uzumaki’s variation of his father’s original jutsu. It took the shape of the Rasengan, a simple sphere, and created a giant shuriken powered by wind and chakra. Not only was it great for its display of Naruto’s ability (who had a reputation for being bad at learning things) and it was reminiscent of Sasuke’s shuriken that he used in the pilot episodes of Naruto.

The Rasen-Shuriken is really shocking, and it was one of Naruto’s main moves. Other characters would give it their touch later.

5 The mitotic generation finally gave Sakura and Tsunade the upper handnaruto 10 jutsu con el mejor diseno 5

A medical ninja can never fall. This is a fundamental rule for medical ninjas. They have to be on their feet when others are on the ground so that people do not die. There is one jutsu that can ensure that a ninja does not die, and it is the Legendary Sanin himself, Tsunade, Mitotic Regeneration (Creation Rebirth).

The goal of the jutsu was to store the chakra at the forehead mark and, in a pinch, use it to become practically unkillable (for a time). This technique is often considered the greatest feat of medical ninjutsu.

4 Tsukuyomi caused trouble for a lot of peoplenaruto 10 jutsu con el mejor diseno 6

The Tsukuyomi is an extremely powerful genjutsu named after the Shinto god of the moon, and could only be used by those with an advanced sharingan. Itachi Uchiha introduced this jutsu in the series when he used it on Kakashi while visiting the Hidden Leaf Village in secret. In the Tsukuyomi realm, Kakashi was tortured for three days, but in the real world only seconds had passed.

The Tsukuyomi’s illusion possibilities were nearly limitless, and the scenes the show included to illustrate its power were dark and well crafted.

3 The summoning jutsu adds a touch of elegancenaruto 10 jutsu con el mejor diseno 7

The Sage Toad, Jiraiya, would have been nothing without the Summoning Jutsu. When Jiraiya taught Naruto Uzumaki to summon Gamabunta, and Naruto was able to summon him in his fight with Gaara, fans were excited. Later, the relationship between Orochimaru and Manda was also an interesting world-building element.

The relationship between the Legendary Sanin and Team 7 was very well made in part thanks to the Summoning Jutsu. It offered flair and flair, as well as a look at the connections between shinobi bloodlines. Other notable invocations were Kakashi’s ninja hounds and the Third Hokage’s King Enma.

2 Shadow Possession Jutsu made tactical minds shinenaruto 10 jutsu con el mejor diseno 8

The Shadow Possession Jutsu does not have any flashy imagery, loud explosions, or flashy style. It is simply manipulation of the shadow and has a limited distance that the shadow can travel. However, when used by characters like Shikamaru Nara, this jutsu is one of the most fun to watch.

To use the Shadow Possession Jutsu, you have to be smart. Shadow manipulation can be tricky considering all the limitations that it entails. In addition, the user must do the same movements that he wants the other ninja to do. Watching Shikamaru use his tactical prowess to get the most out of this technique was always a high point of the anime.

1 The revival jutsu allowed fans to meet the legendsnaruto 10 jutsu con el mejor diseno 9

If it were said that the revival jutsu is too powerful, it would probably be right, but this jutsu added a lot to the series. He brought back the Hokage, one of whom (the Third Hokage) fans had seen fight before, but were excited to see him again. The other three lived like legends within the anime, and seeing them in action was incredible.

Also, the Reanimation Jutsu added to the plot. Naruto was able to meet his father, and when Orochimaru first tried to use this jutsu against the Third Hokage, the fact that the Fourth Hokage’s coffin did not open (as it was in the Grim Reaper’s belly) was a huge but subtle moment of omen.