Naruto: 10 Luckiest Moments, Ranked

The manga and anime may have ended years ago, but Naruto remains one of the most popular franchises in the world. Fans love the series for the action, but it also helps that the story has great pacing, messages, and characters. Like any other multi-year story, Naruto it has a lot of moving pieces, and this means there are plot holes and very lucky twists.

The story of NarutoAs good as it is, it features a surprising number of lucky moments, and most of these moments tend to revolve around characters being saved from certain death at the last possible second. Some people will say that these moments are just characters having plot armor, which is true, but plot armor is how all the lucky moments in fiction come about.

10 Gaara Gets Rid Of Kimimaro’s Sickness

Gaara is one of the characters that has changed the most as the series progressed, as he started out as a villain who only cared about killing people. By the end of the series, he was Naruto’s friend and a Kage who cared about his village and the world in general.

During the Sasuke Retrieval Mission arc, Gaara came to Lee’s aid and fought Kimimaro. The battle was tough, and Kimimaro proved to be a match for Gaara’s arena. Kimimaro was suffering from a deadly disease, and that disease killed him just as he was about to deal the final blow to Gaara.

9 Sasuke Escapes Deidara’s Final Blastnaruto 10 momentos mas afortunados clasificados 1

Sasuke may be a very skilled ninja, but his life was full of harsh realities. One of the worst things Sasuke had to deal with was being Itachi’s younger brother, and that connection is one of the reasons Deidara tried to kill him.

Deidara was Akatsuki’s explosives expert, and his clay bombs were easily countered by Sasuke’s Lightning Release and Sharingan. Deidara decided to blow himself up to kill Sasuke, and it seemed he had succeeded. Fortunately, Sasuke summoned Manda, the giant snake that served Orochimaru, at the last second. Manda only saved Sasuke because Sasuke conveniently had enough chakra to put the giant snake under a genjutsu.

8 Guy Who Is Saved From The Secondary Effects Of The 8th Gatenaruto 10 momentos mas afortunados clasificados 2

There are several characters that don’t deserve his popularity, but Might Guy is not one of them. Guy is able to unlock all eight inner gates, and he unlocked all of them to fight Madara Uchiha.

When someone opens all eight gates, it attains a power greater than that of the Five Kage for a short time, but doing so will result in the user’s death, or so it is assumed. When Guy’s time was up, he passed out and his body heated up and began to fall apart, but Naruto appeared and used his newfound Ying-Yang Release to save him. This is the only time Naruto used this ability to save his life.

7 Zetsu Saves Sasuke From The Mizukage’s Boiling Releasenaruto 10 momentos mas afortunados clasificados 3

Mei Terumi was the 5th Mizukage, and possesses two elemental kekkei genkai. He used both of his kekkei genkai against Sasuke, but his Boil Release was much more effective. This nature transformation allows him to release corrosive water vapor, and was powerful enough to melt Sasuke’s Susanoo.

Mei was about to defeat Sasuke, but White Zetsu came to the young Uchiha’s rescue. Zetsu had managed to attach spores to Mei’s body without her knowledge, and they drained her chakra and transferred it to Sasuke. This spore technique was very useful to him, especially since the Boiling Release did not destroy the spore as it grew.

6 Gaara Being Revived By Chiyonaruto 10 momentos mas afortunados clasificados 4

naruto shippuden It started with the Akatsuki capturing Gaara so they could extract the One Tail from his body. They succeeded, and like all the other Jinchūriki who had their One Tail removed, Gaara died.

Chiyo was an old and very experienced ninja, and it was she who sealed the Tailed Beast inside Gaara when he was born. Luckily, he accompanied Naruto’s rescue team, and was lucky enough to barely survive his encounter with Sasori. He then used an unknown jutsu to bring Gaara back to life by transferring his life force. The transfer worked despite Chiyo using the same technique to save Sakura earlier.

5 Kiba is saved at the last secondnaruto 10 momentos mas afortunados clasificados 5

Kiba may have been forgotten in the second half of the series, but he’s still an interesting character. He was part of the team that was sent to bring Sasuke back to the Leaf Village, and he and Akamaru ended up fighting Sakon and Ukon.

Sakon and Ukon were about to kill Kiba and Akamaru, both seriously injured, but were saved by Kankurō. Like his siblings, Kankurō was sent to help the rescue team, and he managed to find Kiba in time despite not being a sensory-type ninja.

4 Samehada decides to betray Kisame for Killer Bnaruto 10 momentos mas afortunados clasificados 6

Zabuza was a great villain for various reasons, and like Zabuza, Kisame was a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist Village. Kisame wielded the Samehada, a sentient sword that could absorb the chakra of anyone it cut. This made it the perfect weapon to use against the Jinchūriki.

Kisame was sent to capture Killer B and the Eight Tails, and defeated them with Samehada’s help. To make things easier, Kisame tried to cut off B’s ​​legs, but Samehada decided to betray Kisame right then and there. The sword did so because he liked the taste of B’s ​​chakra, but it’s interesting that he didn’t make this decision when he voluntarily merged with Kisame during the battle.

3 Obito uses Izanagi to avoid being defeated by Konannaruto 10 momentos mas afortunados clasificados 7

Obito, who was posing as Madara at the time, had unfinished business with Konan, who left the Akatsuki after Nagato’s death. Their battle took place in the Rain Village, and it showed how dangerous Konan was.

He understood Obito’s space-time ninjutsu well enough to counter it, and he did so by hiding six hundred billion explosive tags in the lake they were fighting in. The resulting explosion lasted 10 minutes, and would have killed Obito had he not used the Izanagi. This genjutsu can rewrite reality, and he was only able to use it because he acquired a spare Sharingan.

2 Nagato brings most of the Leaf Village back to lifenaruto 10 momentos mas afortunados clasificados 8

Like any hero, Naruto has risked his life several times, and one such instance occurred when he willingly confronted Nagato/Pain after their fight. Naruto managed to convince Nagato that he could bring true peace to the ninja world, and as a parting gift, he brought everyone he had killed in the Leaf Village back to life.

He did this using the Rinne Rebirth of the Outer Path, which is classified as a reincarnation ninjutsu. It is fortunate that Nagato knew this jutsu existed, especially since he could only learn of its existence from Obito, who had no reason to tell him.

1 Sasuke Is Saved From Ōnoki’s Dust Release At The Last Secondnaruto 10 momentos mas afortunados clasificados 9

Sasuke proved himself to be no hero several times, and one of those times was when he attacked the Five Kage Summit to kill Danzō. He ended up meeting each of the Kage during his assault, and was nearly killed by Ōnoki, the 3rd Tsuchikage.

Ōnoki could use Dust Release, an extremely rare nature transformation that allows him to create three-dimensional objects that move at incredible speed. Once these objects expand, they disintegrate anything trapped inside them. Sasuke got caught in this jutsu, but Obito rescued him at the last second with his time-space ninjutsu.