Naruto: 10 Most Selfish Characters, Ranked

Living in harmony is an important part of life in the village. On Naruto, the hidden villages are filled with countless people from different clans. Although there are obvious differences in appearance and abilities, most of the population strives to do what is best for their home, as well as their fellow villagers.

Unfortunately, some do not adopt this same belief. There are honorable shinobi, renegade ninja, criminal masterminds, and well-meaning kunoichi who have displayed selfish behavior. Naruto it is full of characters who have prioritized their goals at the expense of others. These selfish characters have used their influence and skill to facilitate their desires.

10 Sasuke Was Always Sakura’s Main Concern

When Sakura Haruno first enrolled in the Ninja Academy, she focused solely on getting Sasuke’s attention. As her character developed, her obsession with Sasuke intensified. This caused her to often mistreat Naruto or completely ignore him.

As a member of Team 7, Sakura prioritized her feelings for Sasuke over her missions. Even when Sasuke became a wanted criminal, she allowed her personal feelings to prevent her from using his strength to subdue him. Although her character is now a loving wife and mother, Sakura’s selfish obsession initially caused conflict and unrest among her classmates.

9 Kabuto Made Manipulation A Lifestylenaruto 10 personajes mas egoistas clasificados 1

Kabuto’s dedication to Orochimaru led him to manipulate and murder unsuspecting victims. When fans meet Kabuto, he poses as a ninja trying to pass the infamous Chunin exams. Kabuto’s true intention was to spy on Orochimaru’s next victim, Sasuke Uchiha.

This was the first of many heinous crimes that fans would witness. Kabuto’s commitment to chaos led him to help Orochimaru attack the Hidden Leaf Village, participate in the near-death fight between the three Legendary Sanin, and revive remarkably strong shinobi to fight the Allied Shinobi Forces in the Fourth. Great Ninja War.

8 Pain Wanted To Inflict As Much Suffering As Possiblenaruto 10 personajes mas egoistas clasificados 2

Nagato’s painful and traumatic past led him to become the formidable villain Pain. Pain was the leader of the Akatsuki and facilitated the kidnapping of the Tailed Beasts. Pain’s most afflicting crimes were the murder of Jiraiya and the demolition of the Hidden Leaf Village.

These two events had a lasting effect on the rest of the series and permanently devastated fans. Nagato experienced tremendous sadness during the Third Ninja War: he lost his parents and his best friend Yahiko. Nagato’s suffering was undeniable, but that did not justify his desire to make everyone around him feel as much pain and anguish as he did.

7 Hidan Enjoyed Feeling The Pain And Death Of Othersnaruto 10 personajes mas egoistas clasificados 3

Hidan worshiped the evil god Jashin and was obsessed with his faith. When Hidan and his partner Kakuzu got the two Matatabi tails, Hidan insisted on killing his jinchūriki Yugito while performing his religious ritual. He used his religious beliefs as an excuse for his bloodlust.

Hidan’s Cursed Technique: Blood Control Jutsu Possessed by Death, required him to ingest his victim’s blood and draw a Jashin symbol on the ground. Once he did, he was physically connected to his opponent: if he hurt himself, he would also hurt his victim. Hidan enjoyed the pain he felt. His favorite part was performing a deadly attack. He was immortal and loved to feel death through his victims.

6 Money Formed The Model Of Kakuzu’s Moralitynaruto 10 personajes mas egoistas clasificados 4

Kakuzu was one of the less committed members of Akatsuki. Although he helped capture the Two-Tailed Matatabi, he was always more concerned with his own plans. Kakuzu valued money above all else.

His greed made him focus on a list of rewards. Kakuzu was looking for the people on the bounty list to kill them and exchange them for money on the black market. When he dated his partner Hidan, he forced her to visit dirty secret drop off points to collect the rewards from him. Furthermore, his violent temper caused him to kill his former companions and keep their hearts to prolong his life.

5 Madara Wanted To Establish His Own Vision Of Peacenaruto 10 personajes mas egoistas clasificados 5

Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju grew up in the Warring States Period. Both were child soldiers who witnessed a time of constant war and violence. Madara and Hashirama suffered heavy losses during the war. Three of Madara’s brothers were killed, while Hashirama lost two of his brothers, who were only 7 and 10 years old at the time of his death.

After years of fighting, Madara and Hashirama founded Konohagakure to establish peace between their clans. Although this ended the war, his dream was short-lived as Madara and Hashirama disagreed on how to keep the peace. Madara believed that the other villages had to be controlled, while Hashirama wanted to reason with them. Although he ultimately wanted peace, Madara could not escape the violent nature of the Uchiha clan. He preferred to bully and tyrannize the people around him.

4 Sasuke Was Consumed With Revenge For Most Of The Seriesnaruto 10 personajes mas egoistas clasificados 6

Sasuke Uchiha was motivated by revenge throughout Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. At first, he focused on killing his brother Itachi for murdering his entire clan, but later set his vengeful eye on Konoha when he learned the truth about his brother. Sasuke left with Orochimaru despite the objections of his loved ones. He believed that in order to become strong enough to defeat his brother he had to leave.

Sasuke did his best to distance himself from his teammates once he was gone. He mocked them with cruel words and tried to kill Naruto and Sakura. After discovering Itachi’s heroic motives, he swore to destroy the Leaf Village. Revenge was Sasuke’s main motivation throughout his youth, and he didn’t care who he had to hurt or kill to achieve his goals.

3 Danzo Was An Extremist Who Pushed His Own Agenda At Any Costnaruto 10 personajes mas egoistas clasificados 7

As one of Konoha’s elders, Danzo was entrusted with the political affairs of the village. Although Danzo believed that he always acted in Konoha’s best interest, he committed horrible crimes to execute his plans. During the Third Shinobi War, he came to the conclusion that the alliance between the Hidden Rain Village and the Akatsuki was a threat to Konoha, although neither party intended to harm the Leaf Village. Danzo turned them against each other, and was indirectly involved in Yahiko’s death.

Danzō continued his nefarious methods when he prevented Shisui from using his Mangekyō Sharingan to convince his clan to call off their coup by stealing his right eye. When Sasuke confronted Danzo about his crimes against the Uchiha, it was revealed that Danzo stole 10 Sharingan eyes and had them embedded in his right arm. Danzo injured and betrayed several people to protect Konoha. Although he convinced himself that his duty to his village was his top priority, his actions showed that he cared more about self-preservation than anything else.

2 Orochimaru Committed Heinous Crimes To Achieve His Sinister Goalnaruto 10 personajes mas egoistas clasificados 8

Orochimaru was one of the Leaf Village’s greatest enemies. Although he was a member of Konoha, he had no emotional attachment to his former home. He conveyed this nonchalance when he attacked Konoha. He orchestrated a collaboration between the village of Sound and the Sand. Though his takeover failed, he forced the Third Hokage to sacrifice his life to stop him.

Throughout his villainous journey, he kidnapped countless people and performed painful experiments on them. The attack on the Leaf Village and Orochimaru’s kidnappings were just some of his atrocities. He did these things to achieve perfection. Orochimaru was on a quest for immortality and eternal youth. He even kidnapped children and marked them with his curse mark to prepare their bodies to become his new vessel. Fortunately, Orochimaru met his rival when he attempted to possess Sasuke.

1 Kaguya Became An Evil Tyrant Who Only Desired For Powernaruto 10 personajes mas egoistas clasificados 9

Kaguya was a supernatural being who landed on Earth and made it her new home. When he came into contact with the God Tree, he decided to eat its fruit despite the wishes of his clan. In doing so, she became the creator of the chakra. Having gained immense power, she Kaguya ruled the Earth and put an end to wars. However, over time, she began to use her jutsu to strike fear into people or manipulate them.

Kaguya eventually gave birth to twin boys, Hagoromo and Hamura, who grew up to see the error of their ways. She selfishly wanted all the chakra for herself and planned to kill her children. Hagoromo and Hamura were able to stop her, but not before she created Black Zetsu, a materialized version of her will. The Black Zetsu was behind most of the major events in the beginning of the series and used Obito, Madara and countless others to resurrect her. Kaguya’s greed was so strong that she was able to create a being whose sole purpose was to ensure that her wishes were fulfilled.